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Code Tutorials

The How To's of Source Code Modification

Again, as mentioned before:

Please, no requests for custom resources for your project.  
We give you the tools, but the talent must be all yours.

Quote by Ripper: "May the Source be with You"

By Now you should have set up the compiler, unpacked the source, and have compiled the software at least once to make sure that your setup is complete without errors.  Now we will begin with the basic to the advanced code changes that others have already created for you to use.  We hope that you will find these helpful and informative.  But REMEMBER this:

Please give full credit in your release to the tutorials that you used, and the author that created them!  There is nothing worse than seeing the hard work of others being credited to yourself.  If you modify someone's routine, it's still theirs - with your mod and should be listed as such in your credits!

Basic Tutorials Intermediate Tutorials Advanced Tutorials
The Files & What they do
The Colour Chart of Wolf3d
Changing the Floor Colours
Changing the Ceiling Colours
Removing Red Flash in God Mode
Changing the Health Levels
Changing the Ammo Levels
Changing the Treasure Point
Changing the HighScore Names
Changing the Episode Names
Changing the Skill Level Names
Changing Enemy Hitpoints
Adding New Sprites
Making Enemies Drop Things
Fixing the Sprite Limitation
Adding a Frames/Second Counter
Adding Additional Weapons
Adding Armour
Adding New Guards
Ceiling/Floor Textures
Outside Atmosphere - Night Sky
Rain & Snow
Directional Sprites
Shading the View

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