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Borland C++ Compiler - Version 3.1 
Download & Setup Instructions

So, you've decided that you want to edit and create your own Wolfenstein 3d/Spear of Destiny Modification.  Well, the first thing that you need to start editing and modifying the source to Wolfenstein 3d is the compiler.   While others have reported success using other versions of BC, the one that is most stable is Version 3.1 as it does not require the object files (see below).

So lets begin.  First download the compiler (this is a windows installer version of BC3.1).  

Click here to Download

Now unpack the file and run the program.  This will install the compiler to your system.  Once the installer is finished, it may or may not make the proper changes to your "AUTOEXEC.BAT" file.  If it did not, then you must open your "aUTOEXEC.BAT.bat" file and make sure there is a line saying something like:

Path = C:\;C:\Windows;C:\Borlandc;C:\BorlandC\Bin

While your path statement may vary, the important part of the path is the "C:\BorlandC;C:\BorlandC\Bin".  Depending on what version of Dos, and Windows you are using, will determine what your autoexec file contains.  If there is no Path statement in your aUTOEXEC.BAT.bat, make sure to add one as shown above.  For Windows 95,98 and ME users, the path line should read as:

Path = C:\;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\Command;C:\BorlandC;C:\BorlandC\Bin

For XP users, You will have to edit your "Dos Command Properties" to include the "C:\BorlandC;C:\BorlandC\Bin" as part of the path.

With that done restart your system, and when you drop to DOS, you should now be able to use the Borland C++ compiler in any directory that you create.  Next, download the Wolfenstein Source and install that - Click here to get the source files you will need.   Enjoy, and start editing.  

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