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Corridor 7

Earth's fighting days were believed to be over. Most of America's military  funds were now being directed toward research and space exploration.   In 2012, Dr. Donald Fox, a U.S. exobiologist on one of the first manned  missions to Mars, returned with a metallic object taken from an area near  one of Mars' curious, face-like formations. It was the first hard proof  that life existed outside earth's solar system. Scientists were elated  but the government, ever so cautious, removed the artifact to an  underground research facility called Delta Base. Delta Base, a small  weapons development and research center located in the Nevada desert, is the only facility with equipment to test such an object. The object was taken to the lowest level, a maze-like series of hallways and test chambers, to 
the laboratory known as Corridor 7.
The age of the object was impossible to determine. Most scientists believed  it to be ancient, but it showed no traces of its age and its surface could  not be sampled, even at the molecular level. The standard battery of tests were issued. In the back of the chamber the object was subjected to varying levels and types of radiation. During the Gamma phase of the tests, the  object began to change.
The Invasion Begins....
Most of the lab in Corridor 7 was destroyed. The object changed and grew in  size as personnel in the upper levels watched their monitors in astonishment.  It began to resemble a ball of lightning.
The base was put on alert. The sphere seemed to power itself, and no one  knew how to shut it down, nor did they have the time. From inside the  object something emerged . . short, humanoid in form, but clearly not  human . . carrying what was unmistakably a weapon in one of its arms.
Alien invaders rushed through the object's opening and seized the base.  The artifact was a trap planted thousands of years earlier by the aliens to  inform them of the presence of advanced races. They launched the objects in  small foldspace cruisers programmed to seek hospitable solar systems, and in  Earth's case, the gate device was planted on Mars. When Earth's fledging  culture reached the spacefaring stage, discovery was inevitable.
The aliens wiped out the base personnel. Currently, alien technicians are  almost finished installing a device that creates an impenetrable shield around  the base, allowing them time to move in more troops, assess the environment,  and change it to suit their needs. While Earth has developed some advanced  weapons, they pale next to the aliens' technology. Conquest looms ahead.  They will destroy and enslave the populace and plunder our resources.
Your Mission
Headquarters does not realize what has happened inside the base. 
You are an experienced special forces marine given immediate orders to enter  the research facility, proceed to the 30th floor, to Corridor 7, assess the  situation and regain communication with the outside world.
After a brief helicopter trip, you're face to face with Delta Base. 
Communicating with HQ, you are informed that a large energy force has been  detected underground, too large to be man made. Just then, your  communications are cut as a blue haze surrounds the facility. The air  becomes thick and your lungs feel the pressure. Your only option now is to  enter the base, proceed to the last level, and destroy the object.
Against the Odds
Several factors are working in your favor. First, you have the element of  surprise; they don't know you're there. Second, they believe they've killed  everyone and are now busy modifying the base to suit their needs. They have  posted sentries around the upper levels as safeguards against any possible  survivors, so they are not worried about someone as out numbered and  insignificant as yourself. The further you descend, more signs of alien  habitation are apparent; walls have been modified to resemble the alien's  home environment; alien weapons and munitions are available.
While the aliens vary in size, shape and color, they all have one element in  common; they are geared for war. Some aliens may look deceiving, but they  are armed with weapons beyond our capabilities, moving with speed and in  numbers. To add to the tension, some aliens are invisible. Only your  infrared vision goggles can aid you in their detection. If you are smart, you  will learn their habits, adapt and overcome their strengths. Out-gunned and  alone, can you survive the slaughter and repel the aliens with only pure  courage? Your life is on the line as the country fears what they do not know. 
Only you can decide our fate. Good luck . . 

Released: 1995 
Published By: Capstone Software 
3D Engine By: id Software 

Program & manual copyright 1994 IntraCorp, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
Portions of the program copyright 1994 Id Software. Wolfenstein is a  trademark of Id Software. All Rights Reserved. Corridor 7 : 
Alien Invasion, Capstone and The Pinnacle of Entertainment Software are  trademarks of IntraCorp. Inc. All other trademarks acknowledged


Executive Producer: Leigh Rothschild
Producer: David Turner
Director: Amy Smith Boylan
Programmers: Les Bird, Jeff Schulz, Rafael Paiz, Joe Abbati
Artist: Ruben Cabrera, Carlos Ibarra, Scott Nixon
Manual: Richard Henning
Level design: Les Bird, Scot nixon, Richard Henning
Music & Sound: Joe Abbati
Quality Assurance: James Wheeler, Katie Gangi 


Tons of new features were added to the engine.  Walls dispensing health, ammo, and unlocking doors when you had the right key.  If you haven't got this game, search Ebay, or one of the other auction sites out there.

You can get the Shareware version of it on MobyGames, or one of the many other game archives.  It's definitely worth the look.

Or via the Underdogs

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