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Editors & Utilities

Ever wanted to create your own game?  Modify the game to suit your liking?  Well, here are the tools that you can use to create maps, change graphics, and sounds.   Some editors do more than others.  Sometimes is takes more than one of these editors to achieve your objective.   Enjoy them, and we  hope they help make your project a complete success!


This program has come in many versions, but is still one of the most often used programs for creating new levels, editing original levels, or just looking around to see how things were done and where things are. 

Mapedit 8.4  -  This is the latest version of this program is 8.4, and while it does support the most features, it does limit you to editing the full versions only.   This editor also edits: Blake Stone (both versions), Operation: Bodycount, Corridor 7, as well as Wolfenstein 3d and Spear of Destiny.

Mapedit 7.2 - The last version of Mapedit that edited the shareware versions of the game.  This editor does not work with any other games except Wolfenstein 3d and Spear of Destiny.

Note:  If you are running a P6 processor (Pentium I) running at more than 200mhz, then you will need to apply the following patch for Mapedit to run on your machine.   Runtime Patch for programs written in Borland Turbo Pascal 7 - Click Here to Download 


Wolfedit 2.1 - The original graphics editting/insertion-extraction utility.  Yes it's old and not as fancy as some of the newer editors, but it works just fine.  Great for those times when you just need to fix something quick.

Wolf Sound

Wlfaud11 - This sound program works for the Shareware versions of Wolfenstein 3d.

Wolfsnd - This program works with the Full version of Wolfenstein 3d.


This is one amazing editor!  It was the first to allow you to change graphics in the VGAGRAPH file (Things like title picture and more).  It is an all in one editor that allows you to edit graphics, sounds, and maps.  Works with all versions of Wolfenstein and Spear of Destiny.  

To Download the latest version of this editor, you must visit the authors homepage:  Click Here - Please note the lastest version has been reported to not work correctly on all systems.   If you find you are having problems with it, you may download an earlier version of it (version 1.1 - with less features) by clicking here.

Note: When importing graphics with this program, you may find they don't look right in the view.  This is due to it using the Wolfenstein 3d colour palette only.   ie: if you are working with Spear graphics, certain colours are changed in the Spear palette.  While it looks wrong on the screen, it will be fine once played in your game.


This is a new program/editor being created for the community by Adam Biser.  WDC stands for Wolf3D Data Compiler and is a full-featured editor for Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny.  WDC also works with Blake Stone 1 and 2, Operation BodyCount, Corridor 7, Catacomb 3D, the Catacomb trilogy, and Commander Keen 4-6. However, some of these additional games have only partial functionality. The help file contains a chart detailing available functionality for each game. 

This program is a work in progress and is available from Adam's site: Click Here to Visit

Chaos Edit

Another new editor being created by the people at Chaos Software.  This one is in Beta and not available for public download.  When it is, you can get it from their site : Click Here to Visit. 

Other Helpful Utilities


This program will generate random maps for Wolfenstein 3d Registered - All 60 Levels.   While it does a fairly decent job, the levels generated will still require personalization.  So you may want to use this as a starting point to generate random layouts. 


This program will generate random maps for Spear of Destiny - Registered - 21 Levels.  As with the creator above, the maps are varied and rather simple.  It's recommended that you edit the levels after using the creator to give them more flair!

Sod2 Designers Kit 

This is one of the best starter kits out there.  It uses a highly advanced and updated source by MCS, with graphics by Areyep.  If you need something to get you started, and you want more than the original game features, then this is the download for you!  Click here to Download - This is the engine that MCS and Areyep used to create SOD2 or Spear Resurrection, one of the hotest games to be made in the last few years using the Wolf3d source as a starting point.

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