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Enemies of Wolfenstein, Spear & Mission Packs

Here are the enemies from the different game versions, information about each, and what they say translated:

Common Enemies to All Versions of the Game

Once on the attack, these animals will move directly towards their prey.  A single bullet will bring down one of these killer dogs.  However, they are trained to dodge during attack which makes them difficult to shoot. Besides the nuisance factor, the Nazi's effectively used them as cannon fodder.  Don't waste ammunition until they are in close range.  Also it's easier to stand in a doorway and wait for them to come to you. They are easy enough to handle alone, but packs become canine piranhas.

Weapon: Teeth/Bite Sprite Graphic
Points: 200 Wolf 3d & Spear SoD Missions
Greeting Sound: Woof German Shepherd
Death Sound: Yelp


Guards are the grist of the Nazi mill, but can be a formidable force when they are in groups.  They wear no body amour and can be taken out with one lucky shot.  Carrying only a pistol, their firepower isn't exactly menacing.  They are slow to react, and must stop and take aim before shooting, which makes them particularly vulnerable to machine gun attacks.  Use of the Chaingun is really a waste of ammo.

Weapon: Pistol Sprite Graphic
Points: 100 Wolf 3d & Spear SoD Missions
Greeting Sound: Wolf/SoD - Achtung! - Attention
SoDM - Alarm - Alert
Brown Guard
Elite Guard
Death Sound: 6 different noises Shareware
8 in Full Version


The S.S. are well trained and very hard to surprise.  Most will yell out a warning when they become aware of your presence.  This can make for an easy head-count.  However, some of these soldiers are trained to be silent.  They wear a bullet proof vest and carry a machine gun.  They can be very difficult to bring down and pack a heavy punch when they hit you. If you get shot from an S.S. at close range, the encounter will be brief, as you will be toast!

Weapon: Machine gun Sprite Graphic
Points: 500 Wolf 3d & Spear SoD Missions
Greeting Sound: Wolf/SoD - Schutzstaffel! - Elite Guard
SODM - Wer Da? - Who's There?
Death Sound: Wolf/SoD - Mein Leben! - My Life
SODM - Tod Fers Vaterland - Death for the Father Country


Officers are usually silent until they confront you face to face. They can rarely be surprised, and are fast, intelligent soldiers.  Officers will dodge back and forth as they approach you, making them difficult to hit, as well as draining your ammunition.  They carry a pistol and wear light vests, so they aren't as tough as an S.S.. But, don't underestimate these guys and their abilities.  In close quarters, the will make life miserable and short!

Weapon: Pistol Sprite Graphic
Points: 400 Wolf 3d,  Spear & SoDM
Greeting Sound: Wolf/SoD - Spion - Spy!
SoDM - Denkste - You thought so!
Death Sound: Wolf/SoD - Nein so was - Well, I never
SoDM - Heil Hitler - Hail Hitler


Mutants - Bats
Mutants: Wolf3d & Spear.  They are probably the deadliest of the guards.  They are the brain child of Dr. Schabbs.   These guys don't make a sound until they shoot at you.  They are extremely aggressive and will continue to attack you until they are dead.  They have chest mounted pistols, carry cleavers, wear no amour,  and can take about as must punishment as the S.S. .  If you meet up with one of these, and you surely will, you had better act fast or you will become just another statistic!

Bats:  SoD Missions only - They are pretty much the same as the mutants.  They have a very quick reaction time but you can catch them sleeping.  With machine guns attached to their feet, these beasts are truly "bats out of hell"!. Bats move in the same manor as Mutants - The programming didn't change in the game, just the graphics. Professor Quarkblitz is responsible for creating the machine gun toting bats.

Weapon: Pistol & Cleaver - SoDM = Dual Pistols Sprite Graphic
Points: 700 Wolf 3d & Spear SoD Missions
Greeting Sound: The Dead Don't Speak Mutant
Flying Bat
Death Sound: Wolf/SoD - Arrrrgghh....
SoDM - a falling sound


Wolfenstein 3d Bosses

Hans Grosse
Hans is brother to Gretel...  I know, just like the story we heard as kids.  He comes from a large family and has 1 sister and many brothers.  He's big, but not very smart.  He's one mean man who's only purpose is to take you down!  It takes a lot of ammo, health, and a chaingun to take this big boy down.  Shoot at him, strafe to one side when he's about to shoot, and then have at him again.  Be ready! He is...  Soon he'll cry out and you'll be running for freedom.

Greeting Sound: Guten Tag - Good Morning Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Mutti - Mommy!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual Chainguns


Dr. Schabbs
The Mutant Maker.  He has created a small army of the undead.  He isn't a warrior like the other bosses. In fact he's excited to see you, as to him, you are just another toy for his experimentation.  He throws hypos at you because he doesn't want to harm your body.  Rather he wants you dead, so that he can install a new pistol in your chest, like he did to his other mutants.  He is probably one of the most perverse of the bosses.  Basically he's mean, obscene, and wants you green!

Greeting Sound: Diabolical Laughter Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Mein Gott in Himmel - My God in Heaven
Points: 5000
Weapon: Deadly Hypos filled with serum of re-animation


Hitler's Ghost
This is basically a guise to throw you off track.  While it may look like Hitler, it's really just a dummy, in scary black robes, flown around on wires, with a flamethrower mounted in it's chest.  They shoot slowly, so you have the advantage here.  When you shoot them and they fall to the ground, you will hear Hitler laughing at you mockingly.

Greeting Sound: None Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Mocking Laughing Sound
Points: 2000
Weapon: Flamethrower


Mechanized Hitler
This is Hitler at his worst.  He sports 4 chainguns and a motor assisted suit of battle amour.  This guy is tough but, with determination, plenty of ammo, a chaingun, and lots of health, you can destroy his amour.  When you do, he pops out of his amour, still kicking as the Boss Hitler, ready to fight you some more.  

Greeting Sound: Tot Hund - Dead Dog Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Scheist! - Shit!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Quad Chainguns


Adolph Hitler
The madman himself.  He's so very fast, and hard to get away from.  In cases like these, it's best to have lots of health and ammo available to you.  Keep scooping ammo, health, and most important, Firing At Him!.  Eventually he will fall under the heat of your righteous bullets, and you will have saved the world from hateful tyranny.  Long Die Hitler!

Greeting Sound: Die Allied Schweinhund - Die, Allied Pigdog! Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Eva auf wiedersehen - Eve, Goodbye!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual Chainguns


Otto Giftmacher
Giftmacher (poison maker) is the man responsible for the chemical weapons.  His close range  offensive weapon of choice is the mini-missile launcher.  It's fast and powerful and can easily waste any intruder.  The only way to survive Otto, is to avoid his rockets.  Keep plenty of distance  between the two of you.  Avoid small, confining areas, and use that Chaingun of yours!  Once you are cornered, there is no way to elude his deadly assault.  Living just got tougher!

Greeting Sound: Eine kleine Amerikaner - A Little American Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Donna wetter - Good Heavens
Points: 5000
Weapon: Missile Launcher


Gretel Grosse
Don't let her pink outfit, sweet demeanor, and charming smile fool you!  She has stolen the hearts from many a soldier (right out of their chest).  She packs twin chainguns and wears an armored body suit.  Get in her way and she'll teach you that all isn't fair in love and war.  She is the younger sister of Hans (who you met earlier) and was very competitive with her older brother.  What Gretel lacks in experience, she makes up for in sheer ferocity.  Woe be the hero that stands toe to toe with this Giantess.  Treat her with caution and fight her like you did Hans.  It takes a little more time to kill her, but the reward is worth it!

Greeting Sound: Kein Durchgang - No Trespassing Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Mein busse - My repentance
Points: 5000
Weapon: Twin Chainguns


General Fettgesicht - aka: Fat Face
The general is here to teach you a lesson in a huge way!  He packs the perfect assortment of weaponry (Chaingun and a Missile Launcher).  While his rockets are racing towards you, he unleashes a wicked foray of bullets that won't be forgotten any time soon.  To defeat him, you'll need to use cunning and lots of firepower!  Avoid close combat in small rooms, and stay near stashes of ammunition and health.  Fight him in areas that have walls you can hide behind.  If you can deliver your attack, strafe past his salvo, you might survive.  The world is watching you!

Greeting Sound: Erlauben Sie bitte - Allow me Please Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Roseknospe - Rosebud
Points: 5000
Weapon: Chaingun & Missile Launcher


PacMan Ghosts
Someone at iD really loved this game and so Inky, Blinky, Pinky, & Clyde have returned to chase you around one of the secret levels in the game.  Avoid their touch as it will eventually lead to your death!

Greeting Sound: None Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: None
Points: None
Weapon: Touch

Spear of Destiny Bosses

Trans Grosse
Guarding the end of the tunnels is Trans (pronounced Trahnz) Grosse.  Yet another one of the Grosse family members for you to deal with.  Make sure you are packing plenty of firepower and ammunition before you take him on though.  He's heavily armored and is packing dual chainguns.  He can deliver more than you can probably handle in a toe to toe bullet battle.  Use the same fighting style as you would for his little brother Hans.

Greeting Sound: Einer Sprachnitzer - A Mistake! Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Es ist schade - What a pity
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual Chainguns


Barnacle Wilhelm
This salty dog barks with great volume.  He sports a chaingun and a missile launcher.  Not much is known about his appearance in the game, other than to say, don't rub his fur the wrong way.  His combination of fast attack and long range devastation, makes Barnacle difficult to defeat.  Use the same strategy as you would with Fat Face and you might make live another day to tell about it.

Greeting Sound: Ach so.... - Oh, I see Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Wenn schon - So what!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Chaingun & Rocket Launcher


Dr. Schabbs was re-assigned to a location with better facilities, but before he left, he created this mean ass to serve as a wake-up call to the world in what he could do.  This is the sadistic crown in Schabbs' achievements with 4 cleaver tipped arms and a chaingun mounted in his chest.  The Ubermutant is a force to be recond with.   Use a dodge and fire method to bring him down, but don't do it where you found him...  Bring him back into the hallway.

Greeting Sound: Argh! Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Argh!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Cleavers & Chaingun


The Death Knight
This guy guards the entrance to the spears chamber, so when you see him, you are close.  He wields dual chainguns and missile launchers.  He's heavily armored and will really put up a fight.  Unlike other bosses, you wont have to search far for this guy as he's standing at the door when you open the room to the Spear's hiding place.  Find plenty of ammo and health that is hidden, and draw him to that area to fight.  You are going to need all your tactics and whit to take him down.

Greeting Sound: Tod ist mein leben - Death is my life! Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Alles ist verloren - All is lost
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual Chainguns & Missile Launchers


Angel of Death
This is a big beast with a bad attitude and your appearance has really ticked him off!  He fires a mystical energy blast that can easily kill you with just one hit.  He knows you've touched the spear and has brought you from your earthly realm to his. The way to beat him is difficult as you will have to avoid the ghosts from his realm as well.  Shoot and dodge his energy blast until he fires three blasts very quickly.  This is your chance to rush at him and shoot, as he's tired and takes a small break.  With practice, you will beat him and learn his resting time.  He's all that stands between you and victory.

Greeting Sound: Prove your worth Human Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: You may wield the spear!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Mystical Energy Blast


Spear Ghosts
These are more of a nuisance than anything.  You kill one and they regenerate.  They are the sprits of evil in the Angel of Deaths' realm.  There touch can be deadly, but they are easily killed.  Although, they can be quite the distraction when you are fighting the Angel of Death. 

Greeting Sound: Nothing Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Nothing
Points: 200
Weapon: Touch

Spear of  Destiny Mission Pack Bosses

Submarine Willy
Willy is one nasty Nazi! Not the brightest individual to start with, Willy had to undergo a lobotomy after repeatedly attacking several guards and officers. On the most recent attack Willy lost one of his front teeth while fellow guards struggled to control him so that the Professor could sedate him. Now his evil grin is all the more unnerving. The operation caused Willy to resign his position as a submarine captain and now he guards the exit from the Submarine Pen. Always angry, Willy is known as one of the meanest men in the base. While he often wanders around confused, he shoots at most anything that moves. The guards have gotten used to avoiding him - you'd better keep a sharp eye out too! You ll need a good stash of ammo and a chaingun to take Willy down! With a chaingun of his own, he ll be tough to beat!

Greeting Sound: Was zem Teuful - What the hell? Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Verdammt - Damn
Points: 5000
Weapon: Chaingun &  Machine Gun


Professor Quarkblitz
Hitler has a penchant for mad scientists and the professor is his latest recruit. The professor was formally trained in computers, artificial intelligence and robotics and was a highly regarded expert before the war took its toll on him. Initially disillusioned with the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the professor focused his energies on the integration of machines with animals. Successful in the worst meaning of the word, the professor has created bats with machine guns attached to their feet. The professor's most recent interest is the combination of chemistry with traditional computer microprocessor design. His hypothesis is that since organic beings contain chemicals - computers that combine the use of chemicals will be far more superior at simulating "true" intelligence. The professor guards the exit from the Secret Weapons Research area. Since he's got a chaingun and a rocket launcher, this may very well be where your mission ends! The professor is a busy man and will want to get rid of you in a hurry! This is HIS turf and intruders had better beware!

Greeting Sound: Dein Letzer Fehler - Your last Mistake Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Nein nicht schon weider - No, not again!
Points: 5000
Weapon: Chaingun & Rocket Launcher


Major Hans (The Axe) von Schlieffen
It was "The Axe" that led the group of storm troopers that journeyed to the United States to recapture the Spear. Despite being hand selected by Hitler himself and undergoing extensive training, of the twenty-three men that went, only the Major survived the bloody battle. "The Axe" returned with the Spear and received a commendation from Hitler. The Axe is now held in high regard by the Fuehrer who has given him the responsibility of guarding the exit from the Atomic Research area, thus insuring that the Command Bunker remains impenetrable. Tough, fierce and loyal, The Axe is the perfect soldier. There is no question that he will carry out Hitler s orders to the letter! With dual chainguns, The Axe is a one-man army! Approach him cautiously and be ready to move quickly or you will be history!

Greeting Sound: Zeig was du kanns, du Fiegling!-Show what you can, you wimp!  Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Du bist der stoerleste. - You are the strongest.
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual  Chainguns


Robot - Droid
A masterpiece of the demented Professor Quarkblitz. The Robot was designed as the ultimate killing machine! Experimenting with the use of chemicals in additional to the use of traditional electronics for the Robot s brain, the professor has managed to provide the Robot with Human-like reasoning. The state-of-the-art brain allows for "tangents" in thought, so that the Robot does not simply carry out actions that have been programmed into it - it adapts and learns! It s not only its state-of-the-art brain that gives the Robot an edge - equipped with dual chainguns AND dual rocket launchers, he may well be impossible to beat! The combination of its sophisticated brain, artificial intelligence and fire power make this the toughest Boss yet! Use all of your strength and cunning to take the Robot down and your reward will be the key to the area where the Spear is kept!

Greeting Sound: Alarm Sound Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Electrical Explosion - Like a transformer overload
Points: 5000
Weapon: Dual  Chainguns


The Devil Incarnate
You thought that you had taken care of this guy, but he has returned....  In a new face. Once he detects your presence, the Devil Incarnate will tirelessly attack with atomic weapon blasts! This dude is BIG, BAD and UGLY! Defeat the Devil Incarnate and you will have saved the Spear and foiled Hitler's plans of World Domination! Good Luck!

Greeting Sound: ? Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: ?
Points: 5000
Weapon: Mystical Energy Blast


The Ghost
Loyal to Hitler even in death - the ghosts of dead SS patrol the final floor! The ghosts have the touch of death - contact with them will drain the life out of you! Shooting them will make them disappear briefly - but they soon resurrect to continue their relentless pursuit! Be cautious when preoccupied with battling the Devil Incarnate, as ghost is likely to sneak up behind you meaning almost certain death!

Greeting Sound: Nothing Sprite Graphic
Death Sound: Nothing
Points: 200
Weapon: Touch

? = We haven't been able to hear it properly and discern what is exactly said at this time.Guard 

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