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Items of Interest in the Game

Here we will show you the items in the game, what they do, and why they are so important to the game.  We will also show you the differences between the different versions of the game.


Some of the items in the game affect not only your running score, but also your bonus's at the end of each level. Bonus's are calculated as follows:

  • Kill All Enemies on a level - End level additional bonus =  10,000 points
  • Collect All Treasures on a level - End level additional bonus = 10,000 points
  • Find All Secrets - Pushwalls - End level additional bonus = 10,000 points
  • Extra Life - Gain an extra life for every 40,000 points (Maximum 9)

Items in the Game

These are usually hidden very well, sometimes in the open, or in some cases they are carried by the Bosses.  So if you find a locked door, it's time to go hunting and find that key (if you haven't already) so you can get past the locked doors and on with your mission.

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

The basic food plate.  This gives you a minor health fix. You can only pick these up when your health is below 100%.  Conserve them wisely, and remember where you found them (if you decide to leave them) as they might come in handy later on in the level. 

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions
Health Points:
+ 10%

Dog Food
Just as it says, dog food.  This is just a minor health fix.  If you eat these bowls of food, you will only get a little fix to your health.  You can only eat these when your health is below 100%. As with the food plate, remember where they are, as you never know when you will have to eat dog food to survive.

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Health Points:
+ 4%

Health Packs
These  items are a little more helpful.  Once again you can only pick them up when your health drops below 100%.  These pack a little more help than the food plate or the dog food.  Again use them wisely!

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Health Points:
+ 25%

Blood or Gibs
These are pools of blood or flesh that you can eat/drink when your health is below 10%.  They don't help much, but might be what you need to keep you going until you find that next dog food, meal plate, or health pack.

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions
Health Points:
+ 1%

Power Up (Full Heal)
These are very helpfull and usually very well hidden.  They are usually behind a pushwall somewhere out of sight.  Finding one of these can do wonders for you, especially if you have just fought or are fighting a boss.  These count as treasures in your scoring when the game calculates bonus at the end of a level!

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Health Points:
+ 99%
+ 25 rounds

Machine Gun
These may be found hidden in some area, or behind a pushwall. The simplest way to get one of these is to take it from a S.S. by killing him.  It really increases your ability to shoot and kill at greater ranges (increased accuracy).  If you don't have it, it's a must have... And if you don't find it well, be a real soldier and take it from someone soon!

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Ammo : + 6 rounds

A very powerful weapon indeed.  You really have to have one of these when fighting a Boss or a room full of S.S..  It fires very rapidly, dishing out a deadly barage of hot lead!  Careful where you use this though as it can be a waste of ammuntion otherwise known as overkill!  You can only find these hidden in some area or behind a pushwall.  They aren't easy to find, but once you have it, don't loose it!

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Ammo: + 6 rounds

These may be scattered around, or found on a dead guard after killing him.  Gather these when you need them most, and remember where you left them when you don't.  These can only be gathered when your ammo is below 100 rounds.
Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Ammo (used):
Ammo (unused):
+ 4 rounds
+ 8 rounds

Ammunition Chest (Spear of Destiny Only)
These were added to the Spear of Destiny game (and in the Missions) to provide a larger ammo increase for those special times when it is required (could be near a Boss or in strategic places throughout the game).  These are something to remember, where they are, when you already have your ammo maxed out.  The addition of these was to help combat the increased firepower you will need when facing the Spear style Bosses.

SoD Missions

Ammo: + 25 rounds

What would a game be without treasures.  These really can increase your score two fold.  Besides the points you get for gathering them, they also count towards your end of level bonus.  Collecting all the treasures on a level can earn you an additional 10,000 points. 

Wolfenstein - SoD
SoD Missions

Points Value
Cross Radio 100
Chalice Plutonium 500
Chest Control Panel 1000
Crown Bomb 5000

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