Op: BodyCount

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Operation Body Count


A bunch of terrorists have taken control of all 40 floors of the U.N. building. You are part of a crack anti-terrorist assault team. Guess what your mission is? Welcome to Operation Body Count.

You have many guns: shotguns, uzis, gatling guns, grenade launchers, flamers, etc. There are many terrorists. Hmmm.... The gameplay is obvious. You run about using guns on terrorists while avoiding their booby traps and giving orders to other members of your team (when you find them).


Download from the Underdogs

Released: 1994 
Developed By: Capstone Software 
MobyScore: 2.2 (out of 5) 
Platform: DOS

From the Underdogs:

Another extremely bad, extremely cheesy game from Capstone, the "nadir of computer entertainment." Terrorists have taken control of the UN building in New York, and you are part of the assault team assigned to take it back. Yawn. 
The game's clich  premise is matched with an equally insipid gameplay: similar to its spiritual successor Corridor 7, Operation Body Count boasts hordes of terrorists that look the same and pose virtually no threats whatsoever. The game does attempt to rise above DOOM clones by allowing you to give orders to your teammates (when and if you find them), but the game is so easy-- and your teammates have the same intelligence as a rock-- that you hardly need to bother with it. Add poor graphics, boring level, stir-- et voila, another Capstone Real Dog. Stay away from this one, lest you think I didn't warn you ;)

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