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Spear of Destiny - Mission Packs
by FormGen Inc.

Most people refer to these packages as the "Lost Episodes".  Fact is, they were never lost!  These are truely the "Mission Packs" from a company known back then as FormGen.  This company was bought out by GT-Interactive, who was then bought out by Atari.   If you wish these episodes, make sure you buy your software from either Activision, or iD Software, as these are the only packages available today that have Wolf3d, Spear of Destiny, and both mission packs. We aren't sure why people started calling them the Lost Episodes, but hopefully the information below will get us all back on track!

So lets call them by their real names:

"Mission 2: Return to Danger" and "Mission 3: The Ultimate Challenge".

These games introduced enemy replacements, new walls, sprites, and sounds.  While some people think some of the graphics are rather cheesy, they did show that the atmosphere of the game could be radically changed.   To compare the enemies for each version, Click Here

Spear of Destiny Mission Disks - Mission 2: Return to Danger

The Story so far:

At the end of SPEAR OF DESTINY Mission 1, B.J. captured the Spear of Destiny and returned it to the U.S. where it was kept under tight security. Hitler, desperate for the Spear, sent Major Hans "The Axe" van Schlieffen and a group of Storm Troopers to the U.S. to regain the Spear and the power he seeks. After a bloody battle, only Hans manages to narrowly escape and make it back alive, with the Spear, to the Nazi's Secret Scandinavian Base.

Hitler had the new base built to carry out Atomic Research! The Atomic Research Lab is excavated from solid rock in a Scandinavian fjord, accessible only by submarine.


You're leaning your back against a cold hard wall, with your fist clenching your chaingun so tightly that your knuckles are white. You're soaked with sweat and the heat of your body is evaporating it, causing steam to drift around the corner giving a clue to your presence. You're exhausted but you know you can't risk resting - not yet! You inch slowly to the corner, then peer around cautiously... a guard spots you! You both raise your weapons!

RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT!!!  ... RING ... RING ... RING ...

The phone wakes you... it was a dream... or rather a nightmare -- another flashback to your ordeal at Castle Nuremburg.

... RING ... RING ... RING ...

Still groggy you pick up the phone... "Uh... yeah... who is it?"

"Hello, B.J. Blazkowicz?"


"This is Admiral Powell of the United States Navy. Listen B.J., we need your help."

"What is it, Admiral?"

"Hitler has recaptured the Spear! We've already lost 3 intelligence agents trying to infiltrate his headquarters. B.J., you're the only one who can help us now!"

Your mind is flooded with thoughts. It's been over a year since you ve been back. You thought it was over. You've put you life on the line and now it was all for nothing! NO!!! Hitler's henchmen stole the Spear from American soil - NOW IT'S PERSONAL!!! The Spear must be regained!

"I'll do it Admiral!!!" 

The U.S. Navy has arranged to take B.J. to the fjord, but underwater mines prevent them from taking him to the base. Instead B.J. is outfitted with scuba gear and will have to swim into the submarine pen to gain access to the base. Two naval frogmen accompany B.J. to within 100 yards of the base. Now it's all up to him!

While several U.S. intelligence agents were killed in the attempt, the allied spy network has discovered that the Spear of Destiny is located on the uppermost floor of the Research Lab, and is closely guarded. Proof of an Atomic Research Lab was also found.

And so your journey begins..... It's time to: Return to Danger....  Are you up to the task?

Released: 1994 
Published By: FormGen 
Developed By: FormGen 

Note: that this mission disk was neither developed nor produced by iD, and was just a licensed cash-in by formgen. 

Thanks to Adam Biser for providing us with the answers and a more indepth view of the game!

Spear of Destiny Mission Disks - Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge

The Story so far:

Hitler, after once again regaining the Spear, is more paranoid than ever. He has expanded the Fuehrerbunker beneath the Chancellery in Berlin. The bunker is excavated and expanded to carry out the development of future weapons systems. All previous entries to the Fuehrerbunker have been permanently sealed off.  The bunker is only accessible from the lowest level by means of a service elevator which is heavily guarded.


In pursuing the fulfillment of his twisted dream, Hitler calls upon the dark forces of the occult. With his inner circle of advisors he arranges for a secret meeting during which he holds a se
ance. Hitler and his advisors gather in the map room of the Fuehrerbunker (Leader s Bunker), Hitler s subterranean headquarters below the Chancellery in Berlin.

Clutching hands, the group circles slowly to the left while chanting to attract evil influences.
Hitler speaks loudly as the chanting continues...  
"ABIGOR! Demon of darkness...  Commander of sixty infernal legions.... who sees the future and knows all of the secrets of war! I call on you now!"

A heaviness takes over the air... Then a green mist starts to form. The mist is still at first,  then slowly it begins circling the room. The mist becomes denser and swirls with increasing power as it starts to rise and gather in the center of the room. As it does, it begins to illuminate an eerie glow, becoming increasingly bright, the intensity of which becomes almost blinding.

Suddenly, out of the light, a lightning bolt shoots with a deafening "CRACK!"  The force thrusts the men to the ground. Through the light, an image appears, that of a warrior on a winged horse... the warrior speaks with a deep, unearthly voice that breaks the now silent room...


"I, Hitler, Fuehrer of Germany, call upon you!"


"I ask that you teach me the secrets of war.... that you allow me to glimpse into the future and learn of the most powerful and devastating weapons of warfare!"




Meanwhile...  B.J. has received the call he has been dreading once again.  They relay to him the story of Hitler's refusal to give up on the power of the spear. Allied intelligence agents have been unable to infiltrate the bunker, but have managed to obtain invaluable blueprints. A system of air ducts is required to carry fresh air to the underground complex and could be used to access the bunker undetected.

Other agents have tried and failed. Only B.J. can retrieve the Spear and smash Hitler s dream of world domination! The fate of the world awaits... 

And so begins "The Ultimate Challenge"!   Are you up to the task?

Released: 1994 
Published By: FormGen 
Developed By: FormGen 

Note: that this mission disk was neither developed nor produced by iD, and was just a licensed cash-in.
Thanks to Adam Biser for providing us with the answers and a more indepth view of the game!

Spear of Destiny Super CD Pack

Released: 1994 
Published By: FormGen 
Developed By: FormGen, id Software 

The Spear of Destiny Super CD Pack comes with the original Spear of Destiny, it's two missionpacks Mission 2: Return to Danger and Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge and a Random Level Generator. Hint Books for all three game titles are also included.

This one is every rare and hard to find. 

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