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Wolfenstein Source Files

By now you have installed the Borland C++ Compiler Version 3.1 and now it's time to get the source.  

Click Here to Download the Source Code

Now that you have the file, unpack it using your zip program and run the "install.bat" file.  Once the installation is complete, you should now have a "C:\Wolfsrc" directory on your hard drive.  Great you are now ready to start editing and modifying the source code using one, some, or all of the tutorials available from our site and from others.

So now get to your DOS prompt, change into the "C:\Wolfsrc" directory and type "BC" and press enter (We assume that you have set up your compiler using our setup instructions - Here).  This will bring up the editor and should ask you to open a project (or the project will automatically open).  If it doesn't, then select Project and Open from the menubar.  Open the Wolf3d.prj file and you should notice it opens a window showing the files contained in the project.  

With that done, Go up to the menubar in BC, click on Options and select Directories.  This will bring up a small window where you must have the following information for BC to work properly and compile your changes. 

For "Includes Directories" it must say C:\BorlandC\Include

For "Library Directories" it must say C:\BorlandC\Lib

For the "Output Directory" it must say Obj

With the directories now set, you should be able to go to "Compile" on the menubar and select "Build All".   If you have everything set up properly, it will now compile the source (original) without any errors!.  

You are now ready to start modifying the source!  

As a side note, while the above is the setup we use, we also suggest that you unpack or copy your Wolfenstein Registered files into a sub directory called "Game" within your "C:\Wolfsrc" directory.  With this done, create a file called "Test.Bat" in your "C:\Wolfsrc" directory using edit (msdos) or Notepad (windows).  The file should look like this:

@Echo off
cd game
copy ..\obj\*.exe
wolf3d -goobers
cd ..

With this "test.bat" file, when you exit the Compiler, all you need to do is type "Test" and press enter to try out any changes you have made to the game.   By adding the above side solution you can keep your different sources (assuming that you create different exe's with different features), separate and not have to worry about things like which games files are modified to fit the current EXE that I just created.

VGA Files

You also need to fix some of the included files in the original Wolfenstein game package, so now download the "Vga files" by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Download the VGA Files

Now unpack those files into your "C:\Wolfsrc\game" directory.  These files are modified versions of the original files so  over-write the originals.  With these installed your new source will now recognize and run your modified game properly.  To test this out, from C:\Wolfsrc> command prompt, type "test" and press enter.  The game should start up, and function properly.

If everything works, you are now ready to start Modifying the source to suit your needs.   You can now start modifying the source to include many of the changes found in our pages (Here) or others found while searching he web.  You may also want to download certain editors which will allow you to change maps, graphics, sounds, and much more (Click Here for the editors page).

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