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New Idea - Map of the Month Club
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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2007 3:03 am
   Subject: Re: New Idea - Map of the Month Club
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If you guys want to do it...

Create a poll... or some thread where you hash out everything that everyone wants... and then when everyone agrees... and I'm feeling better... I'll put an exe together using the features that you have all agreed on 100%.

I'd lay odds on it though that you probably will never get that 100% agreement, as someone will always say something is in the list that they don't like.

Here are the options that I can Turn On and Off and create an exe in minutes...

::: CODE :::

   Wolfenstein / Spear of Destiny Version.h file
   Source (c)1992 Id Software
   DieHard QuickCode Source - 2003-2007+ By BrotherTank
                Defines For Different Versions - Adjust Below as Required
        ONLY SELECT 1 FROM THIS LIST - Uncomment the Version you wish to Build
//#define SODV10          // - Spear of Destiny V1.0
//#define SODV14F         // - Spear of Destiny V1.4 Formgen - CopyProtection Enabled
//#define SODV14          // - Spear of Destiny V1.4 Activision/Id
//#define SODDEMO         // - Spear of Destiny Demo
//#define WOLF3DSV10      // - Wolf3d Shareware V1.0 Apogee
//#define WOLF3DSV11      // - Wolf3d Shareware V1.1 Apogee
//#define WOLF3DSV14AP    // - Wolf3d Shareware V1.4 Apogee
//#define WOLF3DV11AP     // - Wolf3d Full V1.1 Apogee
//#define WOLF3DV14AP     // - Wolf3d Full V1.4 Apogee
//#define WOLF3DV14AC     // - Wolf3d Full V1.4 Activision
//#define WOLF3DV14ID     // - Wolf3d Full V1.4 Id Software
#define WOLF3DV14GT     // - Wolf3d Full V1.4 GT

// This define overides the normal signon that would be selected based on your choice above!
// It is a very special Signon - It displays your Gamename if defined in GAMESET.H file
// and shows that you are using the DieHard Source!
#define DIEHARDSIGNON   // Enables Wolfenstein 3d/Spear of Destiny DieHard V2.0 Signon Screen

//#define DISABLESIGNON // Enable this line and it will disable the signon screen completely!

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                      Select the Items Below to Suit your Mod
   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */                   
/* Palettes - Select the 1 Palette that you wish to use for your graphics */
//#define SPEARPAL        // - Spear of Destiny Palette
//#define CORR7PAL        // - Corridor 7 Palette
//#define BLAKEPAL        // - Blake Stone Palette
//#define NOAHPAL         // - Noah's Ark Palette
//#define BODYPAL         // - Operation BodyCount Palette
//#define DOOMPAL         // - Doom Palette
//#define QUAKEPAL        // - Quake Palette
//#define EODPAL          // - End of Destiny & Spear Resurrection Palette (AreYeP & MCS)
#define WOLFPAL         // - Wolfenstein 3d Palette (Default)

//#define WOLF3DSPAN      // - Convert Wolf3d or Spear to Spanish Language - Except Japanese
                          // - Edit "TXSTRING.H" as required, to change additional language
#define INTERNALDEMOS   // Enable=Internal - Disable=External - Demo files (original enable)
#define INTERNALREADT   // Enable=Internal - Disable=External - "Endart/Read This Files" (original enable)

/* >>->  FIX Options & Memory Saving Options <-<< -------------------------------------- */
#define AIFIX           // Darkone - Fixes Guards Directional AI - Better Movement Flow
#define BOSSFACE        // MCS - Boss always facing the player
#define BUGFIX          // Various Authors - Fix Bugs in the Original Game Code
#define ERRORFIX        // Darkone - Convert Error Strings to Values
#define MEMFIX          // Various Authors listed at top - Reduces Memory Used or Frees Memory Space
#define SPRITE64FIX     // Darkone - Allow all 64 coloumns of the sprite to be used
#define WALLS90         // Allow up to 90 Wall Graphics in Vswap - commented only 64
#define REMOVEVIRTUAL   // Removes virtualreality variables

/* >>---------------> Pre Installed Tutorials <-<< -------------------------------------- */
// Enemy Block Tile          - MCS - Pre-installed to all versions
// Secret Elevator Control   - BrotherTank - Saves memory and cleans up code.
// Screen Resize using (+ & -) keys - MCS!
// Full Screen with HUD      - Dugtrio17
// bo_hurt object type added - Chris

/* >>-> Uncomment to Install These Tutorials <-<< -------------------------------------- */
// Anything marked with a ## below, will not work with the RAYCASTOR Mod
//#define ADAMTEXCODETECH // Codetech fix to texture between doors for ADAMTEXT
//#define ADAMTEXTURE     // Adam Biser - Draw CFTEXTURES based on Floor Codes
//#define ADAMTEXTURE2    // Adam Biser - Draw CFTEXTURES based on 3rd Map Plane
//#define AIFIX2          // Chris/WSJ - Vary Enemy Direction based on Distance and Hitpoints
//#define AIRANDOMNESS    // BrotherTank - Vary Enemy Reaction Direction
//#define AMMOBOX25       // BrotherTank - Add the Ammobox from Spear in the Wolf3d Code - Requires adding sprites!
//#define AMMOWALLS       // BrotherTank - C7 type walls that dispense ammo
//#define ANIMATEDSPRITE  // Darkone/BrotherTank - Animated Sprite Control
//#define ANIMATEDIRECT   // WSJ - ## - allow for Animated Directional Sprites 
//#define ANIMATEWALLS    // Darkone/BrotherTank - Animated Walls
//#define ANIMDEADENEMY   // CodeTech84 - Animated Dead Guards - See Readme.txt
//#define AUTOINTER       // BrotherTank - Automated Intermission Screens
//#define AUTOMAP         // Chris - Draw Map over Weapon Image on Statusbar
//#define AUTOMAP2        // BrotherTank - Add a Pickup for the AUTOMAP by Chris
//#define BACKPACKS       // BrotherTank - Adding Backpacks - carry more ammo
//#define BERZERK         // Insurrectionman- Sets Player in Berzerk Mode with Knife - Requires Sound Added
//#define BERZERK2        // BrotherTank - Add a Pickup for the BERZERK mode by Insurrectionman - Requires EVENTTIME
#define BESTWEAPON      // BrotherTank - Player only has weapons picked up
//#define BJHURTSND       // BrotherTank - BJ makes a sound when he's hit! - Health Below a certain level
//#define BJMINES         // BrotherTank - Allow BJ to Place Landmines
//#define BJMINESHURTBJ   // BrotherTank - BJ gets hurt by own landmines
#define BJVICTORYJUMP   // BrotherTank - Enable BJ Victory Jump in Spear - See Readthis.txt
//#define BLACKNWHITE     // WSJ/SteveUtoski - Black and White Palette
//#define BLAKEDOOR       // Adam Biser - Doors Open from Center - aka Doubledoor - Change the wl_dr_a.asm file to wl_dr_ab.asm in the BC Project Window
//#define BLAKESTONEANIM  // Adam Biser - Blake Stone Starting and Ending Level Graphic Screens - See Readthis.txt
//#define BLOODSPLAT1     // Dugtrio17 - Blood Splatters - Requires adding Sprites!
//#define BLOODSPLAT1M    // Chris - Modifies BLOODSPLAT1 to Random Display
//#define BLOODSPLAT2     // Chris - A Bo_gibs type BloodSplat using Existing Graphics when enemy dies
//#define BLOODSPLAT2M    // Chris - Drops Blood when Actor Shot - Random
//#define BONUSSYSTEM     // DeathsHead - BT Fixed - Bonus Item Counter - Rewards when x number picked up

//#define BOSSREACTALL    // MCS - ALL Bosses React to Sounds - aka gunshots! mods by BT
// For individual bosses to react to sounds but not all - leave above line commented out
// and uncomment the defines for the bosses you wish to react to sounds below
// Spear Bosses
//   #define TRANSREACT
//   #define WILLREACT
//   #define UBERREACT
//   #define DEATHREACT
//   #define ANGELREACT
//   #define SPECTREREACT
// Wolfenstein Bosses
//   #define HANSREACT
//   #define GRETELREACT
//   #define SCHABBSREACT
//   #define GIFTREACT
//   #define FATREACT
//   #define HITLERREACT
//#define BURNENEMY       // BrotherTank/Ripper - Enemy Burns when hit by Flames - Requires FLAMETHROWER
//#define CFANIMATEFLOOR  // Adam Biser - Animate floor texture when CFTEXTURES enabled
//#define CFTEXTURES      // Darkone/Ripper - Draw Textured Floor & Ceilings
//#define CFTEXTUREGRAPH  // BrotherTank - Ceiling/Floor Graphics are between Walls & Door Graphics
//#define CLOUDYSKY       // Ripper - Cloudy Sky Tutorial
//#define CROSSHAIR       // BrotherTank - Crosshair drawn on Screen
//#define DEATHARTIFACT   // MCS - Item that if Player steps on Kills instantly - Enable EnemyBonus and they will too!
//#define DOGMOVEBACK     // ronwolf1705 - Player is Thrust Back when Dog Attacks & Bites!
//#define DIRECTIONAL3D   // Ripper - ## - 3d Directional Sprites
//#define ELEVFIX         // BrotherTank - Elevator works in all directions - Requires Vswap Modification!!
//#define ENEMYBONUS      // MCS - Enemies Pick up Bonus Items
//#define ENEMYHEALSELF   // MCS - Enemies pick up firstaid kits as required (guards, ss, & officers)
//#define ENEMYWEAPONDAM  // BrotherTank - Player damage based on weapon being attacked with
//#define EVENTTIME       // BrotherTank - Timed Events for Godmode / Berzerk etc.  Requires Eventtime2 or Sbartimer enabled
//#define EVENTTIME2      // BrotherTank - Ingame Timer - Display Upper Right of Screen
//#define EXPLOSIVERANGE  // MCS/Poet - Give Missles an Explosive Range - also for Exploding Barrels
//#define EXBARRELS       // MCS - Exploding Barrels - Requires Sound & Graphics Added
//#define EXCOLUMNS       // MCS - Breakable Columns - Requires Sound & Graphics Added
//#define EXTRADOOR       // BrotherTank - Add two new Normal Type doors - Requires Graphics Added to Vswap!
//#define FIXDISTANCE     // MCS - Reduces Mindist - If using BREAKCOLUMNS enable this!
//#define FLAKJACKET      // BrotherTank - Add FlakJacket aka Armour to your game - see readthis.txt
//#define FLAMETHROWER    // BrotherTank - Add Flamethrower weapon - see readme.txt!!!
//#define FLOATITEMS      // BrotherTank - Make Items like Keys Float forward/back!
//#define FLOATVERTICAL   // BrotherTank - Move or float items up/down - idea by Dugtrio!
//#define GAMEMSGS        // Darkone-MCS-BT - Ingame Messages - See TXSTRING.H for the messages
//#define GAMEMSGSK       // Enable Kill Point Ingame Messages - Enables GAMEMSGS if not Enabled
//#define GAMEMSGSOBJECT  // MCS/BT - Static Sprite Items give message when Use Button Pushed - Requires GAMEMSGS
//#define GODMODEART      // BrotherTank - Timed God Mode - Player Takes no damage in this mode - Requires EVENTTIME
//#define GUARDSHADESHOT  // MCS - Enemies Light Up when Shooting! if Shading enabled.
//#define HEALFLOORS      // Adam Biser - Players health increases to max when standing on these floor codes
//#define HEALTHSPEED     // BrotherTank - As players health decreases - so does his speed!
//#define HEALTHWALLS     // BrotherTank - C7 style walls that dispense health
//#define HEARTBEAT       // BrotherTank - As players health decreases Heartrate gets faster...
//#define HIRESVSWAP      // Ripper - use 128x128 graphic images rather than 64x64 original
//#define HIRESWEAPONS    // Ripper - Use 2 Sprites for Each Weapon Drawn aka Hires Weapons
//#define HURTFLOORS      // Chris/Adam Biser - Add reciprical floor codes that hurt player when standing on it.
//#define INFINITAMMO     // KyleRTCW - Debug Cheat giving player infinit ammo
//#define INVISIBLE       // BrotherTank - You change into and enemy uniform and they can only recognise you within 1 map space
//#define KEYS4           // BrotherTank - Enable two additional Locked Door types - Requires graphics added to Vswap and VGAGraph Files!
//#define KILLCOUNTONHUD  // KyleRTCW -  Display Kill Count on StatusBar
//#define KNIFEKILL       // Dugtrio17 - Kill Enemy with 1 knife blow if enemy not in attack mode (hasn't seen player)
//#define KNIFESTART      // BrotherTank - Allows you to start game with Knife only - Requires Sprite Added to Vswap file!
//#define LANDMINES       // BrotherTank/MCS - Add Landmines to your game & if Enemybonus enabled - everyone blows up!
//#define MAPNAME         // Adam Biser - Puts Name of Map on 'Get Psyched' Screen
//#define MAPNAME2        // BrotherTank - Set Mapname as Ingame Message
//#define MAPTIME         // Par Times controled by the Map - See Readme.txt for more details
//#define MAPWEAPDEF      // BrotherTank - Define Starting weapon for level controlled by map - requires KNIFESTART!
//#define MOTORVEHICLE    // Kuki's Motorcycle Tutorial - Can use BT's Jeep as well. If tile 63 in top row of map = 1 or more enable motorvehicle
//#define MUTANTC         // Poet - Mutants use Cleavers at close range to hurt player
//#define OUTSIDEATMOS    // Ripper - Cloudysky - with/without rain or snow
//#define PACMANSTAND     // WSJ - Pacman Ghosts stand still until Alerted
//#define PARALLAXR       // Ripper - Parallaxed Sky using 16 64x64 images
//#define PASSWORDMENU    // InsurectionMan - Password Debug Options on Main Menu
//#define PATCHWALLBS     // Adam Biser - Blood Splatters on Walls - Must enable PATCHWALLS to Use
//#define PATCHWALLS      // Adam Biser/BrotherTank - Add Patch Graphics to Wall Graphics - Stored between Walls and Door Graphics - Before CFTextures
//#define PATCHWALLSPUSH  // Adam Biser - Allow PATCHWALLS to work on Pushwalls!
//#define PLAYERCLOSEDOOR // Dugtrio17 - Player must open and close doors manually!
//#define PLAYERAUTODOOR  // BrotherTank - Door opens when player stands in front of it.
//#define PUSHOBJECT      // BrotherTank - Pushable items like drums - define in wl_agent.c in CMD_Use routine
//#define PUSHSWITCH      // BrotherTank - idea by MCS/Areyep - Switch activated Pushwalls!
//#define PUSHWALLKILL    // BrotherTank - Pushwalls kill player if player gets in it's way
//#define RANSTARTPOINT   // Dugtrio17 - Random Enemy Start Health Points
//#define RATIOVIEW       // MCS - Display Secret, Treasure, Kill Ratios - Tab-R defined in Gameset.H file
//#define RATIOVIEWELEV   // Chris - Display Level Ratios when you Step in Elevator
#define RAYCASTOR       // Darkone's Raycastor - Converted by BrotherTank
//#define RELOADWEAPONS   // WSJ - Reloading Weapons Frames
#define REMOVEBUMPSOUND // MCS - Removes annoying sound when you bump a wall
//#define REMMEMSCRNDRAW  // BrotherTank - Display Signon but no Mememory/Options Drawn
//#define REMOVESCALERS   // Ripper - ## - Removing the Scalers
//#define RESPAWNITEMS    // Chris - Rspawn Items -> Ammo, Health, etc...
//#define ROCKETLAUNCH    // BrotherTank - Add RocketLauncher Weapon - See readme.txt!!!!
//#define EXPLODEENEMY    // BrotherTank/Ripper - Enemy Explodes when hit by ROCKET - requires ROCKETLAUNCH
//#define SBARTIMER       // BrotherTank - Timer/Timeclock on the Statusbar
//#define SCROLLWALLS     // Adam Biser - Walls Scrolling Left or Right
//#define SCROLLWALLVERT  // Adam Biser - Scrolling Vertical Walls
//#define SEAMLESS        // MCS - Seamless Levels - Removes Episodes
//#define SEPERATEAMMO    // BrotherTank - Seperate Ammo for Chaingun - Requires Sprite added!
//#define SHADING         // Ripper or Darkone's Shading depending on which Raycastor you use
//#define SHOTGUN         // BrotherTank - Add shotgun weapon - see readme.txt!!
//#define SHOTGUNSPRAY    // Chris - Add an expanding spray kill range when using SHOTGUN
//#define SKILLMENUTEXT   // Chris - Add Text to the bottom of the Skill Selection screen
//#define SPLITHITLER     // Adam Biser - Split Hitler Boss into 2 Seperate Bosses
//#define STAMINA         // Tek-Zk/BT Fix - Player Runs with Stamina - as drops player speed decreases
//#define STARTPLAYERDIED // Chris - Allow Player to start at a new postion if Killed - See Readthis.txt
//#define STRAFEKEY       // HairMachine - One Button Keyboard Strafing
//#define TELEPORT        // MCS - Teleport or Warping
//#define TELEPORTENEMY   // MCS - Allow Enemy to teleport as well as player - Requires TELEPORT
//#define TELEPORTKILL    // MCS - Kill Enemy in surrounding tiles like in EoD - Requires TELEPORT
//#define TREASURECHEST   // Dugtrio17 - Treasure Chest that can be opened giving random items - including Injury!
//#define TRIGSPAWN       // Chris - Triggered Spawning of Enemies as player passes over point
//#define UBERCLEAVER     // Poet - UberMutant uses Cleavers at close range to hurt player
//#define VERIFICATION    // Verification Code on Highscores List
//#define VGAGRAPHTRANS   // Chris - Allow Use Transparency colour (255) in VGAGRAPH file graphics
//#define WALKBYSECRETS   // MCS - Secret Triggered as you walk over it. - Requires GAMEMSGS
//#define WAVYTEXTURE     // Tek-Zk - adding wavy feature to CFTEXTURES
//#define WEAPONBOBBLE    // Dugtrio17 - Weapon moves side to side as player moves
//#define WEAPONDAMAGE    // BrotherTank - Damage to enemy modified by weapon used
//#define WEAPONJAM       // BrotherTank - Random Weapon Jams
//#define WEAPONJAM2      // BrotherTank - When Weapon Jams - Player may Drop/Loose Weapon (Chaingun/Machine Only)
//#define WEAPONSPEED     // Tek-Zk - Player Speed by chosen weapon in use
//#define WEAPONCHANGE    // Flamer46/BT Fix - Player weapon lowers when changing weapons
//#define WEAPONCHANGESND // MCS - Make sound when weapon is changed - Enable only if sound added!
//#define WEAPONTHRUST    // Dugtrio17 - Player moves back slightly from weapon firing recoil

/* >>-> Version Specific Modifications ------------------------------------------ */
#define FATENDGAME      // Chris - Disable & FatFace will NOT End the Game when killed
#define GIFTENDGAME     // Chris - Disable & GiftMacher will NOT end the Game when Killed!
#define HITLERENDGAME   // Chris - Disable & Hitler will NOT end the game when Killed!
#define SCHABBSENDGAME  // Chris - Disable & Schabbs will NOT end game when Killed!
//#define HANSDEATHCAM    // BrotherTank - Add DeathCam to Hans Boss Die Sequence
//#define HANSENDGAME     // Chris - Disable & Hans will NOT end game when Killed! - Requires HANSDEATHCAM
//#define READTHIS        //

//#define WOLF3DJAP       // - Wolf3d Japanese Version - NOT WORKING
//#define WOLF3DJAPD      // - Wolf3d Japanese Demo - NOT WORKING

/* >>-> Still installing - or being worked on ------------------------------------ */
//#define FULLSCREENR     // Ripper - Full Screen Display with TAB activated Status Bar

//#define DEATHFALL       // Adam Biser - Players view is supposed to drop to floor level - Not Working 100%

/* >>->  Debug Options  <-<< ----------------------------------------------------------- */
//#define MYMODRELEASE    // - Uncomment when you are ready to release your project
                          //   as it removes all debugging code, cheats, & demo recording. 
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#ifndef MYMODRELEASE      // Anything inside this block works if MYMODRELEASE is NOT defined
                          // Basically everything in this area is for Debugging purposes
//#define BETA            // Enable and Set Date for your "beta" period in gameset.h file
//#define DEBUGWALLS
//#define DEBUGTICS
//#define MYPROFILE
//#define DEBCHECK
//#define DEMOTEST        // Skips the Title/Credits/Demo Screens - Go direct to Menu
#define FPSCOUNTER      // Darkone's Frames Per Second Counter
//#define KEYBOARDLIGHTS  // TexZK - Turns on and off Keyboard Lights
#define MEMWATCH        // BrotherTank    - View Memory Available - Core/Far
//#define NOPOINTDEBUG    // KyleRTCW - No Point Increase when in DebugMode
//#define REMOVERECDEMO   // Removes Demo Recording
#define REMOVEDEBUG     // Removes Debugging Tools
#define REMOVEJUKEBOX   // Removes the Jukebox from your game
//#define REMOVEPG13      // Enable to Remove PG-13 Screen
//#define REMOVENONSHARE  // Enable to Remove Non-Shareware Screen
#define REMOVEMLICHEAT  // Removes the MLI Cheat Key System
//#define SCREENSHOT      // Ripper - Captures the Screen and saves as a BMP
#else                     // Disable these things if MYMODRELEASE defined
                          // This area removes the debugging options from your release
                          // It will leave the BAT command for resetting the sound!
  #define MEMWATCH        // BrotherTank - Rem to disable View Memory Available - Core/Far
  #define REMOVEJUKEBOX   // Removes the Jukebox from your game
//#define REMOVEPG13      // Enable to Remove PG-13 Screen
//#define REMOVENONSHARE  // Enable to Remove Non-Shareware Screen
  #define REMOVERECDEMO   // Removes Demo Recording
  #define REMOVEDEBUG     // Remove Debugging Tools
  #define REMOVEMLICHEAT  // Removes the MLI Cheat Key System

And if there's something that you don't see in the list.... it's probably in the code... just not in my version file yet... and then there are others that were just built in anyways because they made sence... You know... bug fixes... the bosses always facing the player... stuff like that...

Anyhow... when you guys figure it out... Let me know...
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