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Project: Omega
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:00 pm
   Subject: Project: Omega
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I was reluctant to continue posting a progress report in the TCs section of the forum because Project: Omega is officially still in beta; so I will continue it here. The original topic can be found here.

If parties are interested, I'll upload "Project: Omega" in its current state for beta testing and feedback. I would like some official criticism about level design, bugs etc.

Current status:

Changed and Complete Features:

- It is possible to conventionally play through all three episodes with a "Perfect Triple" (average of 100% on all ratios) at the end of level 9.

- Explosive Barrels no longer restrict player movement beyond the square it sits on. Shooting these things produces an explosion that kills or maims nearby enemies. The explosion is the same as that produced by a high-explosive rocket (see below).

- Picking up a Gatling Gun no longer gives you a free Machine Gun.

- Some levels touched upon to remove map bugs and improve aesthetic appearance (specifically some of the Episode 1 maps).

- E3L10 played too much like a normal level and some parts too closely resembled the previous floor (the one that contains the secret elevator); therefore, it has been completely redesigned and plays like a homage to everything seen in the game (a bit like the original E6L10). The total number of points that can be scored on this level is still the same (I try not to change the total amount you can score throughout the episode).

- Some level names, which appear alongside "Get Psyched!", have been changed to more sensible titles (e.g. E2L6 was "Hot Pursuit" and is now "Proving Grounds") - they sometimes give a clue as to what is on the floor.

- Extra lives are only rewarded every 100,000 points rather than every 40,000 points, due to the high-scoring nature of the TC.

- New "CHALLENGE ME!!" difficulty rating; plays like "I am Death Incarnate!" but you start with only 25% health and all First Aid Boxes are replaced with ammunition clips (Blood, Dog Food and Dinner items are still present). It is only possible to go above 25% with 1UPs, which give a boost of 25% and cap at 100%. I'm not entirely sure if it is possible to complete the game in one run, not without frequent saving and loading.

- 100,000 points are awarded at the end of the episode for each ratio average of 100%.

- "Secret Bonus" awarded at the end of levels 1 to 9 for exceptional performance - the amount of points you get depends on the difficulty setting. There is also a different secret bonus on the secret level.

- Fireballs are now quite high speed, as they were on the slow computers of the day.

- The White Guardian's (Otto Giftmacher's) rockets produce splash-damage explosions on "I am Death Incarnate!" and "CHALLENGE ME!!" modes... stay well away from their point of impact. P.S. He drops a Bejewelled Key (a third key) instead of ending the game.

- Fireballs and conventional rockets now kill other guards if they get in the way, like high-explosive rockets.

- The Red Guardian (Gretel Grosse) drops a Silver Key instead of a Gold Key.

- Ubermutant implemented from Spear of Destiny with upgrades to its speed and firing rate, and dropping a Bejewelled Key instead of a Gold Key - it is truly a super-soldier!

- Martin Bormann, based on the Death Knight from Spear of Destiny, implemented with changes to the AI. Recently reworked, he launches volleys of high-explosive rockets at long-range, fires just his chainguns at mid-range, and deploys a wide-spread flamethrower at close-range. He is a formidable opponent, but he can get careless and mow down hordes of his own men! He is the final boss of Episode 2, complete with "Let's See That Again" upon his death.

- Appearance of countdown timer on E3L9 greatly improved upon. Music now changes properly when there is only 1 minute remaining, and the screen washes with orange when time is up, representing the colossal explosion (you lose a life and have to start the level again).

- Splash Screen changed upon exiting to DOS to show credits and give recognition to the original authors of Wolfenstein 3D.

Incomplete Features:

- Player-usable Rocket Launcher still needs programming. Sprites still required for rocket launcher on-screen weapon and the three component pieces that you must collect to assemble it (each piece will look the same and will most likely resemble a crate) - locations of components already marked on maps. Placeholder variables in "gamestate" (ammunition and component pieces) already in place.

- "Omega Furnaces" hurt you if you enter them until you hit the shut-off switch (which doubles as the Mechanical Door toggle, and is usually inside the furnace). Damage rate currently depends on frame rate, so needs some work.

- Some wall textures need redoing - the Radioactive trifold that appears on some walls should be replaced with an Omega symbol and the blue marble wall needs replacing.

Undesirable Features (Bugs):

- Screen still shrinks between level transitions sometimes; investigate.

- Mechanical Doors don't close when triggered if there is a body or a live soldier in the way; decide the best course of action (the door staying open in this case is not desirable)... wait until enemy clears the door if not dead... close on top of them... remove the actor completely (if dead) and then close.

- Patrolling guards can see in all directions if walking on a diagonal; resolve.

- Some doors don't work properly when enemies are standing right next to them (even when not alert); they can open when another door is opened by the player. This seems to occur sometimes in the original Wolfenstein.

J. Gareth "Crane" Moreton
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