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Some ideas for some Wolfenstein 3D mods.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:17 pm
   Subject: Some ideas for some Wolfenstein 3D mods.
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The sprite switching mod.
I've noticed in Duke Nukem 3D that enemy and object sprites switch directions. I don't mean that they add new graphics to objects and dead enemies. Instead they sometimes
switch the sprite frames. Might be interesting to have a mod like that. Not only would it work on the original Wolfenstein 3D, but also most mods.

A total conversion with new types of doors.
Maybe there could be a total conversion where some doors can only be opened one way, some doors close after some time(like the original), some doors that only you can open,
some doors have items, some doors can be distroyed, and some doors can be shot through on one side of it.

A mod that that takes place in the Marathon universe.
A lot of you don't remember Marathon. It was made by Bungie(the people behind Halo) for the Macintosh. There was however a fanmade PC port for the series. Anyway maybe if anyones interested there could be a Wolfenstein mod with gameplay elements
from Marathon or a Marathon mod with completely flat level design(to make it like a Wolfenstein).

A mod that plays like Wolfenstein RPG.
Maybe make a mod that plays like Wolfenstein RPG or uses it's character graphics. For those of you who don't Wolfenstein RPG is a cellphone game.

Streets of Ragenstein
I've been thinking of an idea for a Wolfenstein 3D mod that remakes the Streets of Rage series and plays like it as well. I know that Action Doom 2 is a first person beat'em up and that Streets of Rage remake is near complete, but i've yet
to see an FPS beat'em up that uses the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Here's a couple idea's I have for the game. It should be noted that coding such a game won't be easy and it won't be like that original Wolfenstein 3D at all. That being said it might be best to make the game use part of the Zdoom engine like Klooni used part of the Doom engine or part of the Eduke32(a source port for Duke Nukem 3D).

Here's some idea's for the game(i'll accept if they arn't used). To be honest most of these are really idea's for the next version of Streets of Rage Remake. The reason why i'm not posting them at Bombergames(the website behind Streets of Rage Remake) is A:They
arn't taking anymore idea's and B:the people there are quite aggressive and don't always give constructive critisim. I'd hate for my computer to be hacked by message board abusers even though Bombergames has calmed down.

In the middle of a combo you could do a side punch which hits an enemy next to an enemy. That way your not just a sitting duck when punching.

The game will have a radar so it's easier not to get to surrounded.

Make the ammo in the guns vary. For example 9mm handgun that is loaded with one of the following ammo types:reguler 9mm bullets, armor piercing rounds that shoot through enemies, or flame round which set enemies on fire and cause them to run around and die(kinda like the FPS game Blood. Funny name. Isn't it).

Some enemies can strike you while your down like in Vendetta, but instead of kicking them you roll to avoid getting hit.

Add a bowie knife and a chain weapon as seen on the Streets of Rage 2 cover. The bowie knife will be used by Galsa and the trucker. The chain will be used by Galsa and Slum. The chain weapon comes in two forms. A reguler chain and a fighting chain(which is a chain with a handle at each end). The fighting chain has less range than the reguler chain, but does more damage. Chains use a combo.

Instead of making the original enemies use guns I decided to add hitmen enemies to the game instead which will replace the the handgun business men in someparts of the game and apper in other areas aswell. They also drop their guns when killed which you can use. Don't worry as the first level alone has several of them and sometimes they attack in groups which keeps you from using all the ammo in their guns. Hitmen come in 5 froms. 9mm handgunners:They use either a 9mm handguns. The shots they fire do little damage, but they instantly hit(9mm ammo travels fast even though it isn't that strong).
9mm gunmen either wear a hocky mask and a vast(like what Criss made) or wears cargo pants, a hawian shirt, and a backpack and covers his face with a full gas mask. Submachine gunners:They use a submachine gun. They wear a t-shirt with a tactical vest(not a bullet proff vest) and cover their face with a bandanna that doesn't cover their mouth, square shaped sunglasses, and wear a backwards baseball cap with a bandanna underneath or a vest with a shirt underneth and cover thier face with 2 bandannas(they kinda resemble the guy on the SOR1 box cover that Axel kicks). 45 cal. handgunners:45 cal. handgunners use 45 cal. handguns. Unlike the 9mm gunmen the shots they fire are dodgable bullets, but they do alot of damage and knock you down. 45 cal. handgunners wear sleveless trenchcoats with and short sleved shirt underneath and cover their faces with a leg stocking or an animal mask which varies(some crime movies have robbers wear animal masks). Both 9mm and 45.cal handgunners can't be grappled to add more varity(yeah. I know that it rips off the Combatribes, but it adds more varity). Shotgun guys:They wear trechcoats and cover their face with a bandanna and a gas mask(their gas mask only covers their mouth). Another graphical form they have is a leather jacket with a black sweater underneath and cover their face with a ski mask that doesn't cover the hair on their head and sunglasses(this form is a referance to the hitman that killed Tony Montana at the end of the movie Scarface). They fire their shotguns by beinging it up to their face(not by shooting themselves). In addition to using a semi-auto shotgun they can throw a frag grenade at when knocked down(takes time to explode) and they have a bayonett at the end of their shotgun which they use for grapple move
which they stab you with the bayonett, throw you with it, and shoot you while your in the air. When knocked down they shoot backward. Assault rifleman:Assault rifleman come in 2 froms. The first wears an Islamic terrorist camo uniform(beat'em ups allways have alot
of sterotypes) and covers his face with a turban and a bandanna or they might wear a hooded sports jacket(with the hood up and cover their face with a patato shack. The second appers only at stage 9(more on that later) and is a Russain hitman(more on that later. The assault rilfes that the Russain guys use have granede launchers. What sperates Assault rifleman from other hitman is that they can shoot sideways. Although the bullets they fire don't instantly hit they travel very fast and do more damage. Assaultrifle can shoot you while your on the ground at a distance. In addition to dropping their weapons when killed hitmen also sometimes drop malee weapons.
When you encounter hitmen in areas and buildings that belong to Mr.X(aside from the Russain hitmen) they won't cover their face. Hitmen also ride apper in the motorcycle and jetski stages where they ride motorcycles(which are graphicily different from what
the bikers motorcycles look like), quads, and jetski's. When fighting hitmen in groups hitmen normally try to only shoot you in the front and perform a melee attack when hitting you in the back. Note:like hitmen firearms that you can use arn't as common as
other weapons. Their only there to add varity(guns add varity. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, the Punisher, and Aliens verus Predator had a lot of guns).

Here a new final boss i've thought of. His name is X(Not Mr.X. His name is just "X"). He appers throughout the game giving you information and evidence about Mr.X's syndicate. However if you take the right path after you fight Mr.X he gets shot by X along with two Russain hitman. X then reveals that he is Mr.X's father and that he wants Mr.X dead for 2 reasons. 1.Mr.X removed X(his father) from the sydicate because shortly after giving Mr.X job of own the crime sydicate he was pushed aside with the Russain mob, but Mr.X refused because of the disagreements he has with what the Russain mob does such as having certain moral beliefs(i've heared some mobs have a set of morals that they fallow). Then stage nine begins. Unlike all of the other levels Mr.X's men are on your side. Your enemies in this level are Russain hitmen who are armed with firearms. At the
end of the level you face off agaist X. X's attacks mainly constist of various firearms which he switches as his heath drains. Although he does have some close range attacks such as throwing you to the ground and shooting you aswell as lifting you up and squizing your skull. The first gun he uses is a silenced machine pistol, then a short barreled rifle, then a revolving granade launcher, and finally a small minigun. After beating him he tries to jump out the window to commit suicide, but Zan grabs him after hitting the glass. The heroes pull X up. The ending has X arrested and senced to death in the gas chamber. Axel plays him a visit to give a farewell(dispite X's intentions). Mr.X on the other hand was at first sentenced to death, but his charges were dropped in exchange for working for ATF. Note:X is the guy in the trenchcoat holding a briefcase in the SOR3 credits(some of the SOR3 endings have art work).

Here's two new malee enemy's i've thought of. They are supposed to be a referance to the Punks gang from the Warriors movie(the Punks gang wear overalls) since alot of beat'em ups have movie referances. The first one uses stellito switchblades
and have 2 attacks. One is a slash combo and the other is a forward slash(similer to the ninja's from SOR2). He usaully tries to attack you from the back. Also as a reference to the arcade game Crime Fighters he could juggle it when he first appears, but when he gets close enough to you he opens up the switchblade and permanently enters his fighting stance. They drops a stellito switchblade when killed(which is the same as the switchblades that the Rsignals sometime use).

Add spidermines that crawl in a pattern and explode if you or an enemy touch them.

Add a regular pocket knife which is exactly like the regular knife.

Add 3 baton weapons. An electro shock baton, a fixed baton and a telescoping baton. These are used by the Signals and the fatguys at times. The fatguys can set the batons on fire by pouring beer over it and beathing fire which causes them to do more damage,
but if they get knocked down they set themselves on fire by mistake.

I've thought of a new weapon. An axe. It does more damage than most weapons and can be used on enemies while they are on the ground, but if you miss an enemy it gets stuck in the ground and takes a few seconds to get out in some environments. Max ends up being an exception to this. It is sometimes used by the big bens and the truckers. It comes it two forms. A fire axe and pick axe. The pick axe does more damage, but if you miss it takes a bit longer to get out.

I thought if using the cover art for the Streets of Rage soundtrack as the games title screen as a referance.

I thought of a new health pickup. It's a medkit which is similer to the turkey, but it can be used twice. I amount of health you get the second time you use it depends of how much heath you restore during the first use.

The 45.cal handgun pops open enemies heads.

Russell Crowe as a playable character because it would be retardedly stupid and funny(I think). Playing as Russell Crow changes the first cutscene to a pardy of the South Park episode "the new Terrance and Philip". Where Galsa says "Hey. Is that Russell Crow"? Then Russell Crow gets pissed and runs them over with his pal boat Tugger.
In addition to changing the story and the main character Russell Crowe mode has a few new enemies such as the popcap worm(first appers in level 8). They are geneticly enginered worms that sink there bodies into themselves and pop right into the air. Sometimes enemies that try to fight them will eventually run away like in River City
Ransom. As for the bosses most of them are replaced characters from various movies. Shiva for example is replaced by Commodus from the movie Gladiator. Barbon is replaced by Frank Lucas from American Gangster. Mr.X is replaced by naked Osoma Bin Ladin who has an AK47 where his croutch should be. The some of the original enemies also die in new ways. Electra explodes and has Sonic comes out of her when killed(Got the idea from HIMANSHUNATOR. Shame for Bombergames being mean to him. Had some good ideas imo). Galsa pisses in the air and into his mouth, Donovan craps himself, Vice dies while standing up and a rocket flys out of his head, Slum turns into a painting of King Richerd, and the Signals barf. When killed of course. Also Tony Motana, Vanellia Ice, and Ice Cube replace some of the SOR3 handgunner sprites. Maybe in addition to displaying enemies names the status bar could show what gang an enemy is with(some exceptions will be made to a few bosses) to give enemies more personality. Examples:Donovans gang could be the Scuds, Galsa's gang could be
called Mex-4, and Rsignal's gang could be called the Signal Skinheads(since they have mohawks).

The Sega Master System version of SOR1 had an exclusive boss called The "Penguin". Might be nice from him to be in the next version.

I found a couple of neat remixes that might be nice.
This could be the one of the boss music tracks:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-edMMqSdvg&feature=channel_page
This Could be for when you fight X:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bpsc5yFlBo&feature=related

Make some weapons that can be used with grapple throws. Examples:Shooting enemies with 9mm guns or shotguns in the air after throwing them behind you. Tossing an enemy upward and hitting them with a bat, machette, or sword.

Weapons apper more commonly, but break after several uses like in the Punisher to add more varity. For those that perfer more faithful gameplay to the original this opition can be removed like the guns.

Here's a new enemy that I thought of. He wears a hooded jacket(with the hood up) and camo jeans. His weapon is can of graffiti(I got the inspiration of this guy from Painkiller:Overdose. A first person shooter expansion pack). His can of graffiti blinds you. There are 4 attacks he has. 1.Close spary:Does little damage and only works if they are facing you, but it blinds you. When blind the right and left controls work in reverse and you can't punch or jump. You can still grapple and use swinging weapons though. 2:Forward spary:Like the fatguys flame attack, but with a Graffiti can and does little damage(this is their more more perfered attack). 3.Switchblade stab:pulls out a switchblade lighter and stabs you when your blind. 4.Graffiti granade:Lights a fuse on his graffiti can with his switchblade lighter and tosses it in which it explodes(and it leaves a paint color on the ground depending on which color he is). Drops a OTF switchblade when killed. Note:It's best to fight these guys by grappling them since they can spary you before you get close enough to hit them. Also if you get blind a timer apper to show you how long your blind. If you get blinded by them other enemies won't attack as quickly to make things a bit more fair.

He's 3 of the Russain hitman that you encounter in the last level(i've only thought of 3 so far). Assault rifle gunner:Like the assault rilfemen that Mr.X has except they have an attached granade launcher.

Revolving missile launcher:Uses a missiler launcher from a distance(like in Batman Returns the game) and a handgun in close range as a sidearm.

Ninja:Uses a blow dartgun that shoots tranquilizer darts. Should you get hit by one you heath will drain as you stand still(the darts alone can't kill you).
Also has a sword attack and leap attack where he leaps accross the screen, but drops and gas granade as he leap over you(the gas drops you heath as long as
your in it).

Russain assault riflemen:Like the assault rifle men that Mr.X has except has a granade launcher. Nuff said.

In addition to the Russain hitmen several of Mr.X's gangs have betrayed Mr.X. Examples being the Signals and the Punks(one of the new enemies i've thought of).

I thought i'd list all the weapons I thought could appear.

Metal bat
Wood bat
Telescoping baton
Electroshock baton
Fixed baton

Pocket knife
Broken bottle
Full Bottle(that gives heath when you pick it up)

Bowie Knife
Fire Axe
Pick Axe

Stick Granade
Pepper bomb
SMAW missile launcher
granede bag

Combo weapons:
Leather blackjack
OTF switchblade
Side opening regular switchblade
Stelleto switchblade
Swinguard switchblade
Ballistic Knife
Fighting Chain

9mm handguns:
Sig Arms P226 Pistol
Hi-Point C-9
Bersa Thunder(like what the SOR3 handgunners use)

45 cal. handguns:
Smith and Wession revolver

Sub-machine guns:
FN P90
Uzi(that's the real name of the gun)
Heckler & Koch VP70(a machine pistol)

Assault Rifles:
Heckler & Koch G36
FN F2000
Steyr AUG

Shortbarreled Shotguns:
Remington 870

Some of the weapons(like the regular pocket knife I mentioned earlier) come in multiple colors like the enemies in the game. The reason whey picked the guns to have more graphical varity is because I thought it would be odd for the hitmen to use the
same gun. Keep in mind that which type of gun is which by the character that model that uses it.

Maybe enemies could have two pain sprites when getting punched in the front like in Final Fight which might add more feeling to the way enemies die.

Here's a new explosive weapon i've thought of. A granede bag. It's a bag of granedes that you throw and when it lands a bunch of granedes pop out.

Some weapons(the machine guns and shotguns to keep you from relaying too much on firearms) could disappear after a certain amount of time like in Vendetta. You'll know
if a weapon will disappear after some time because a timer will appear.

The beta version of Streets of Rage 1 had some enemies that didn't make the final version. Might be nice to see them again.
As seen here:http://streetsofrage.net/sega_visions_issue_006_018.jpg

Maybe the punching and grappling(when enemies hit the ground) sounds could be adjustable to the players liking. For example:Changing the SOR1,2, or 3 punch sound to Final Fight 2(I liked the punching sound in Final Fight 2).

Maybe Jack from SOR2 could hand knives to the Galsa's when there available.

I have a confession to make. It might get me banned, but the reason i'm not posting these ideas for a Streets of Rage mod at Bombergames is that not only was abused, but one of the forum members hacked my computer. I contacted my police department about this of course. What bothered me wasn't that they didn't like my old ideas, but because of the lack of constuctive critisim. I was banned there because they was a post requirement for making topics(when they could just erase them) and since I just couldn't wait to post my ideas I didn't read the rules. I also tried to flood the forums there with pointless topics since someone there was hacking my computer and I thought my account could be dangerous to the security on my computer. I'll admit that all of my old ideas where weak of course. I short:I am minimario. Or at least I was.

Sorry about the list being so long it's just that I kept getting ideas.
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