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Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:00 pm
   Subject: Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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Since I am bored, and this forum section has not been posted in for ages, it's time for a thread. This is about the story and "boss scenarios" for WNE. Note that this was originally written on a Word Document, so the spacing might not be ideal, and I'm too lazy to fix it all. Beer A few typos are here and there, but you can understand the story, I hope. Oh, and one more thing. Since I spent so long on this story, please don't just post and say "This story sucks!" and walk off. At least some advice would be good. The weird line of text before some paragraphs are title of songs I meant to put during that cutscene.

The story to end all stories. The power of remnants cannot be denied. The good is no longer only good, and the bad is no longer only bad. Only the player can decide if bj is, after all, the savior…[/center]
BJ starts the game running away from Nazis in one area, since he got overpowered. He runs to another part of the Nazi Base, to retrieve documents. He escapes and reports back to authority. The next day, BJ gets a new assignment, and this time, many people think this would be BJ’s last. The mission involves infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein, retrieving documents that may or may not prove the existence of a mutant operation running by a diabolical man known as Dr. Schabbs. You are then to eliminate the threat, and take care of a chemical warfare. On your way to retrieve the documents, Hans is waiting for you. He is dispatched. BJ infiltrates Dr. Schabbs lab, and kills him. Along the way, he meets some new experiments that have been cooked up. Actually, some of the technology seems a bit too advanced, you tell yourself. Why are Nazis pouring in, seemingly endlessly? Why are Nazis armed with futuristic technology? You aim to find out. But orders are orders. You are to go stop the chemical warfare, and that’s what you need to do. You find and destroy Otto, Gretal, and Fatface, one after one, since they were all located in a conference room. Before leaving, you were ordered to retrieve documents left on the table of the discussion room. You do so. Back at the base, you find some disturbing news. The document says something about “Black Sun energy”, or whatnot, and mentions time travel. It seems obvious that this could be connected to Hitler’s ability to supply all bases with fresh troops in the front lines. What could be causing this? Well, nothing ends it all like going straight into kill Hitler, and that’s what you’ll do, right? Before going, a few things happens.

Something about that Guy
Unrelenting Advance
First, BJ goes to sleep, and he gets the dream that two mysterious figures popped up. One man in a white dress and a fan stands, talking to someone else. Then, somewhere else, a city is working normally. A seasoned female soldier stands deep inside the city, holding up a small flower, looking at it. CJ is seen, staring at this woman. Suddenly, the woman readies herself for battle.
“Ready for battle!”, she says.
All a sudden, loud pounding is heard at the closed city gates. Two guards standing next to the gate panic.
“I don’t know, man! This is my first day on the job!”
“What do we do?”
The gigantic gates of the city gets blown apart, as both guards get blown away and they instantly die. A fist is seen inside the gates. Apparently some man launched his hand into the gate and it blew up the premise. The hand turns around. The gate lifts. A man in crimson robes holds up the gigantic gate with one arm. He lifts it up. With a flick of his hand, the gates propel into the air, and fall onto the ground some seconds later. This man is no ordinary man. Most soldiers dare not confront this man, and simply escort people into the cities. A voice is heard, “He’s a monster!”, as a man knocks over a sign, running away. Deep inside the city, the female soldier drops the flower, and kisses her arm. She draws her sword and runs forward to the man in the crimson robes. Then, the man in the robes is seen, his left hand throwing back the head of a soldier, face-first into his fist. The man walks up to meet this woman. The man draws his sword. A swordfight begins. The woman is obviously a very skilled swordsman, and she tries her best. Despite her best efforts, she is fighting a losing battle. The man seems to play with the female soldier. His hits, when hitting the ground, cause a minor crater to form, to his powerful blows, yet he seems to be using no effort. The female soldier suddenly managed to hit the man. The man feels his face with his hand, and looks at his hand. There is a trace of blood. The man’s face hardens. The woman taunts the man. The man continues the swordfight. He seems to be hitting harder now. The woman struggles to keep up. Through a crafty and quick move, the woman managed to catch the man’s sword off, and quickly tries to slice the man’s neck. The man blocks the sword with two fingers, almost instantaneously. The woman stares in shock. The man punches the woman. The punch is so powerful, his hand got injected inside the woman. She is now fatally wounded. The staggers back, and collapses on the floor. The man then holds up his hand. A gigantic sword in the background of the city comes to life. The man seems to control the sword.
“The Valaria Heart…? Why you…. Bastard!!! Ughh….”
The man looks at the women without saying anything. The gigantic sword (taller than the city) flies upward to the sky and launches itself next to the man on the ground. The dream shifts. The camera pans upwards, and a body is seen. And it’s a corpse. And it’s the woman that got killed by that man. Someone yells out and griefs.
“Why??? I’ll kill that bastard myself! Emma!!!!!!!”
The dream ends as BJ quickly jolts up.
Reunited at Last or Family
As BJ gets up, he sees his brother, CJ. They exchange brother to brother words, and both looked very worried. CJ promised to do all he can if something goes bad. He tells BJ to count on it. BJ says he will. BJ continues to walk, and he walks to the air pilot, whose job is to land BJ near the area supposed to carry the Sod. They exchange some words. Apparently people think BJ’s skills are legendary, and even though it seems like he has a knack for not dieing no matter how many times he got shot at, he just might die this time. BJ says, don’t worry, blah blah blah.
“BJ! So nice you see you, brother.”
“Likewise. It’s been so long…”
“Ready to kick some Nazi ***?”
“As always, as always.”
New Traditions, Old Methods
“Well, ain’t nothing like blowing stuff up… It’s been hard since dad died, though.”
“Let’s not think about that. Optimism is good.”
“The world is being sabotaged by Hitler, BJ.”
“Ha! And I’m going to end Hitler’s life! More reason to be optimistic!”
The City of Heroes
“I suppose so… But do you really have to be gone for so long?”
“What can I say, Nazi *** kicking takes time.”
“Yeah… you better report to the flight person. I’m sure he has got words to say before you embark.”
“BJ! It is an honor!”
“Let’s skip the formality, ok?”
“Yes, yes. Your resume is more impressive. OSA, huh? Interesting. I suppose we all have our own secrets.”
“This mission ain’t no cakewalk, BJ. You gotta capture that god darn Spear…”
“That is a mouthful…”
“Not only that, you must stop any developing weapons the Nazis may have on their sleeves, and finally, destroy Hitler for good.”
“Let’s take it home, then.”
“That’s the spirit. Now, you go and don’t come back deaded, yes indeed!”
“Yes sir.”

Memories Regained
During the flight, BJ thinks about his dream. He begins to think about the man in crimson robes. He mouths the words, “It’s time to awaken.”, seemingly absent minded. He turns around, and there the crimson man is. “Yes…It’s time to awaken! Remember your true self!” The man walks closer and closer to BJ. BJ starts to get scared. He runs over to the pilot, asking for help. The pilot looks back, and sees nobody. He thinks BJ has gone a bit coo-coo. BJ looks back. The man is gone.
Hermeien’s Ultimatum
Somewhere, in some other world, a world flourishes. This is obviously another planet. “People” of different races exist; men with four hands, men who are huge, etc. Among this hustling and bustling, men trade and exchange words. All that suddenly comes to a stop. The man in BJ’s dream appears in the street. He holds his fan. Men depart like the Red Sea, scared of this man.
“The Conqueror’s force comes to show his fellowship to you all! His promise will be apparent to the world! We have the jurisdiction of the God Emperor. Move along! Seize the Ark!”
An army behind this mysterious man comes forward. Men run away. When the “Ark” is seized, Wagram chuckles.
He holds out his hand, and a blue flame erupts above his hand. He holds it out, and it expands into a gigantic inferno, lighting the whole city on fire. The man with the fan conjures up some pathway, and walks off.
“The seizing of the Ark is complete, my lord. The time to cross over is soon. Are you sure you want to meet BJ?”
Without an audible reply, the man walks off. An officer walks up to the man with the fan.
“Are you sure what you are doing is the right thing?”
“It is not my place to question these things. We are merely doing what the remnants desire of us. Move along.”
BJ infiltrates the area holding the spear. He fights the original bosses of Sod once again. He then goes the holding area for the Sod. IT’S NOT THERE! Instead, there is a teleportal. He touches it and is transported into Antarctica. He runs around, and eventually he discovers that Hitler hid the spear deep in ice. An Ubermutant is guarding it though. At the spear, Bj fights the Death Knight again. Eventually he gets the spear and…. He is transported into part of the dimension of hell.
Accepting the Challenge
The AoD awaits.
“BJ, I have longed for this day. It is fated that I defeat you, this time around. Prove your worth, human!”
BJ beats him. And now, in order to end the war, he must beat Hitler. He throws the Sod into a river.
BJ makes his way toward the bunker. He enters and after some resistance, he enters. He finds that the bunker has been changed into a lab. Only this lab is special. BJ reads some of the reports. Black Sun energy is energy generated from Hell in another universe. The Nazis are using crystals from that dimension as power. In attempts to create some super soldier, people have been used as lab rats, subjected to large quantities of Black Sun energy. Some man named Deathshed is in charge of oversight for this program. BJ glances over at the pods, and one experiment breaks loose from his pod and attacks BJ. BJ destroys it, and keeps going. He goes deeper and deeper underground, past radioactive sewer sludge. He eventually finds a gigantic barrier. He disables it and goes past it.
Arcane Mysteries
After a while, he finds a giant door. He opens it and walks. WHAT? It’s outside? He is way down in the earth? How is this possible? Things get frantic as a gigantic soldier, the Ubersoldat, marches in. The soldier is big, but BJ is more awesome. He beats it. He continues down. BJ eventually finds Hitler, in this screwed up place that is outside while being inside the earth at the same time. BJ dispatches Hitler. Suddenly, the door way the man with the fan used to walk away from the city engulfed in flames, appears. Out comes the man with the fan.
Slipping Through Your fingers
He confronts BJ. He explains that he is Wagram. He was the emperor of the once great empire of Glenys. He comes from another universe, and Hitler’s blatant disregard for the rules of the Black Sun allowed him to come. He explains that Hitler abused the power of the Black Sun to try to defeat BJ. The operation was successful. He asks if BJ knows why he felt all this has happened before. He tells him, that is has happened before. With the power of Black Sun, Hitler took the world by storm. Even God had to get involved and revert time. The problem with that is, there are certain things that even God may not do at his own free will. Hell keeps God in check. The reverting of time and Hitler’s abuse of the Black Sun allowed him to send an agent here. BJ asks what he wants with this world. Wagram says that he is here to punish this world for their sins.

Unrelenting Advance
BJ gets angry and runs up to Wagram. Wagram restrains BJ in flames. CJ pops up, seemingly out of nowhere, and tries to rescue BJ. Wagram is too powerful for him, and he consumed CJ in flames. Wagram says that CJ is “just as naïve as David”. This actually doesn’t explain much. Wagram, seeing that BJ is so determined to stop Wagram, fights him. During the fight, it seems like Wagram was holding back. He seemingly changes his mind about fighting BJ and tells him to stay away from divine will. As Wagram leaves, BJ runs back to CJ and talks to him, and tries to revive him.
“BJ, listen to me. Lissss-ten…huhhhh….”
“Shut up and breathe!”
“The C-conquer-or… he m-must be stopped…”
“What? You’re speaking nonsense. You’re going to be fine, CJ.”
“I’m di-eing, BJ. I feel so cold…”
“When we get back, dinner’s on me, alright? Just work with me here.”
“B-J, take heed on my dieing wor-ds… the Conquer-ror must be st-stopp-ed…Ughh….uhh…”
CJ dies and BJ goes in a fit of sadness and rage.
A Son’s Loss
BJ feels hopeless, and runs back to base. There is a problem in that. THERE IS NO BASE. On his mission, BJ’s base gets nuked. Of course, back then, no one knew what atomic bomb was. It was devastating. BJ feels lost and alone. He wanders off to the spot in his dream.
The Young Marquis
In another universe, a man sits on his throne. 4 of his bodyguards stand before him. The man is revealed to be named David. He knows about the existence of CJ and BJ. He seems intent on helping BJ and CJ. He says that he must strike now that Wagram is gone to the other universe, and that he will not tolerate giving in. It is revealed that the city he is the king of is the city of Athlum, and that he owns a something called the Gae Bolg, and that his city owns something called the Valaria Heart. David says that he will send the Gae Bolg to BJ when the time is right. He feels emotional to BJ for some reason. BJ doesn’t even know who this man. “What am I doing, sitting here?”
Slipping through your fingers
At the spot of BJ’s dream, stands Wagram. He stands alone. BJ confronts him. Wagram says that there is no hope for this sinning world unless they begin to obey the rules.
“Before men so much as crawled upon this earth, Remnants existed, bringing harmony and balance. They were divine creations, made to be worshipped by men. That changed with one who could control them all. Over time, men grew more and more audacious, treating Remnants as nothing more than beneficial tools. So foolish are men. Now comes a Remnant that can express his wishes and desires. We must obey, and listen to all he has to say, at whatever the cost. That is the only role of such unworthy creatures!”
“Which remnant would that be?”
“You of all people must understand, BJ. It is the Conqueror. He is now seizing remnants so humans will not abuse them.”
“What if the Conqueror is planning something terrible, like taking over the world or something?”
“Don’t you hear me, my boy? Whatever the cost.”
BJ figures that apparently, men were sinning by not worshipping Remnants. He decides to fight Wagram again. Wagram looks at him and shakes his head.
“Hmh… This is our cue.” Wagram says to himself, his fan in front of his face.
“If you don’t surrender, I will have to force you to stop. You have broken countless international laws.”
“Do you think I will not harm you just because you are BJ?”
“Both of us are men of reason. And one can surely understand… the impracticality to obeying all laws. But I will leave, if that is what you wish. I shan’t dare put you out. We merely got off on the wrong foot.”
“No! Your story seems plausible at best. You will come with me and I will confirm your intentions. If you don’t, you will rue the day you touched my brother!”
“You do not take my word as fact? Perhaps I will convince you… BY FORCE!”

Remnant of Fear
“Mystic magicks bound to my call. Within the void, envelope all!”
He strikes the ground with his fan, and the black symbol of magicks appears on the ground. High up on the sky, the same symbol is shown. Flame appears out of nowhere, encircling the symbol. From the ground, a foul creature appears. It is the Gates of Hell.

Gwayn’s Bellow
BJ eventually defeats the Gates of Hell after a very challenging fight. Wagram then opens up a portal, and out comes the man in crimson robes. It is revealed that he is the Conqueror. Wagram shows that the Conqueror is a Remnant. The Conqueror and talks to BJ. He says that even if BJ opposed his plan, he cannot stop him. The Conqueror vanishes. Wagram then looks at BJ intently.

“If you think you can manipulate the Conqueror, then you are as arrogant as you are foolish.”
Wagram leaves. BJ then goes on his trail, running to a Black Sun worshipping spot. On his way, he meets Nazis guarding the area, and zealots. Which is weird, since Hitler is dead. He continues onward. The Black Sun worshipping spots is after a series of sewers, and they are extensive. Waking up from sleep after a long trek, BJ sees a man. It is David.
Bonds of Friendship
David explains who he is, and that he is CJ in another universe. BJ finds this a little hard to believe. Well, at this point, he finds his situation a bit hard to believe. David says that when the time is right, he’ll send down his remnant, the Gae Bolg. He says that his remnant was passed on by his father who died early, so he is the young emperor of Athlum. He says he will do all he can to oppose Wagram and this Conqueror figure. Davis says that this mysterious Wagram figure has appeared out of nowhere and posses power he does not fully understand. All he knows is that the power of Magicks stem from hell. David exchanges some reassuring words. David disappears, as he is only an image projected from across universes.
Truths Revealed
Eventually BJ makes his way onward and finds the place to be empty. All a sudden, some supernatural stuff begins to happen, and a monster begins to appear from the ground. Wagram’s voice is heard, but he is not seen physically. He says that David’s idea to send a remnant to work in another universe is not smart. He says that he unleashes a remnant locked inside the core of the earth. This is the Cyclops. He arms it with the Gae Bolg. The Cyclops was a good remnant until Wagram brainwashed it.
Unexpected Betrayal
The Cyclops appears.

Out of Control
Eventually, BJ wins. BJ mentions about the Gae Bolg. Wagram chuckles. He mentions how naïve David is. He says he will crush him later as he crushed CJ. BJ gets enraged. Wagram explains that he is the first man who could control it all. He has lived for centuries. And he says that is all he needs to know. BJ demands to know why Nazis are helping Wagram. He explains that Deathshed is actually Schabbs from another universe, and he was sent to help ensure Hitler dies. This triggered a phenomenon that allowed Wagram to cross universes. Wagram then says that some remnants are more powerful than others. The Conqueror is BJ in another form, made as a neutral being. This is followed by the Scepter and the Sod. The Scepter was made as an evil object, used to conjure up hell. The Sod was a remnant made with good intentions but abused by bad men. Wagram warns BJ to stay out of this or get hurt. Wagram disappears through his little hellgate.
BJ eventually camps outside, confused and lost. David pops up and pays company to BJ. He says that the Conqueror kills his mother figure, Emma Honeywell. She was once one of his bodyguards. David was an orphan. Emma filled the role of a mother. Emma died defending Athlum from the Conqueror. The Conqueror came in and seized the Valaria Heart. David assures that when the time is right, the fight BJ needs will appear on his doorstep, and he will revenge for David’s loss, CJ, and all others the Conqueror has ruined the lives of.
The fight did show up at BJ’s doorstep. In the middle or USSR lied some strange phenomenon, and BJ went to check it out.
Enter the Seven

BJ goes around the shores up a mountain, and finds six bases guarding something in the middle. In the middle, a gigantic beam of light extends upward to the clouds. BJ goes in. Each base is guarded by a guardian chosen by the Conqueror, although one base feature two girls who are twins. Each person gives up a great fight. BJ has to hurry to reach the middle before something horrible happens. BJ eventually reaches the center.
Ancient Magicks
“I believe you’ve been warned about this. Continued association with the Conqueror will be harmful to your health. “
“You still have a chance to escape with your lives. Get out of here.”
“And if I refuse?”
He gets out his fan. He chants, “The binding oaths of magicks old, summon your being and your soul! From whitest heavens you shall soar! To darkest earth your home no more! Coooommmmeeee forth!” He closes his fan and aims it at the sky. The clouds whiten, as Armageddon descends to earth! Wagram’s fan is the scepter!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:01 pm
   Subject: Re: Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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Wheat from the Chaff
Eventually BJ lives through Armageddon. Wagram explained that Armageddon is the icon of sin, and its goal is to die so that the Devil may spawn in this universe. Armageddon simply regenerates after eons, ready to be killed again. The sky turns blood red. BJ does not see the Devil himself. Wagram says that if he ever see BJ again, he won’t be lucky next time, and that he will be forced to deal with him personally.
“You’ve been warned, BJ.”
Wagram bores a hole into the ground, and disappears. The Conqueror appears near the hole. He looks at BJ. BJ charges in a pent of rage. The Conqueror blocks all of BJ’s attacks. He does a few attacks to BJ, but BJ gets back up. The Conqueror teleports to behind BJ, and gives him a good whack. “Foolish boy.” Then he teleports away. BJ goes into the hole. BJ runs back to where he threw away the Spear. He grabs it, knowing this might increase his ability to fight the Conqueror. BJ finds that place Wagram opened up and runs down. He finds some aqueducts, with some puzzles he must solve. He eventually reaches the center of the aqueducts.
The Binding
In the center of the giant room is a depression. And standing in the middle is the Conqueror. He moves his hand a bit, and a red sea of aura appears, as if the room is flooded with it. BJ comes in just in time to see the Conqueror in a sea of red. The Conqueror spots BJ, and shakes his head. And just like that, the Conqueror descends into the depression. BJ runs up to the depression. He feels a bit of a tingling. Then, all of a sudden, if consumed, a green sea of aura appeared, and just like that, BJ descends into the depths of hell.
The Marshalls
David appears in front of BJ for the last time, explaining that he can’t appear just like that anymore in the depths of hell. He tells him good luck and such, and that in order to cross to Elysion, one of the birthplace of remnants, he must cross hell.
BJ goes into the depths of hell. He eventually reaches a large door, up at a cliff, seemingly leading to nowhere, floating in midair. BJ opens it, and walks into it.
One Step
All of a sudden, he finds himself standing at some platform. This area is fantastic. There are platforms everywhere, and as BJ moves, platforms descend and ascend by themselves. These long platforms glow with text written on the platforms. BJ continues his journey. As he continues, it begins to get dark. Mystical towers are seen, glowing with light. The light turns on, and off, on and off, glowing with mostly orange. BJ eventually finds another odd looking door. He opens it up.
Time for Release
It is the Conqueror, looking at a machine far off.
BJ asks what he is up to. The Conqueror asks how he can believe BJ is not going to abuse its powers. BJ replies by asking what he is doing here. He says that if BJ has not awaken by now, he is no longer necessary. The Conqueror mentions that this area is known as the Sacred Lands, a birthplace to many remnants. He also says that he turned Hitler and Deathshed into evil maniacs. He says that overusing a remnant will cause a calamity known as the Collapse. All men and remnants will be destroyed if this were to happen, and he is merely doing what saves more lives. The Conqueror then disappears further into the area, near the machine. BJ runs towards it, but two men are at the door.

It is Wagram and Deathshed.
“My young BJ, you and I both know that the Conqueror would prefer it if you bid a hasty retreat. Leave now or I will have to deal with you… personally. I hope to not have more blood on my hands, BJ.”
“Tell me about Hitler!”
“Hmph. His abuse of remnants led to his eventual downfall. He cannot unlock the true power of the remnants! He is merely fuel for their fire…”
“I will find the Conqueror, even if it means going through you.”
“As I said, if you think you can manipulate the Conqueror, you are as arrogant as you are foolish.”
“Bj, BJ, BJ! I finally get to chat with you in person once again. You must be so short minded as to think that I would just ally with Hitler. HA! I know you, BJ. *** headed and naïve. But you also have a tendency to show up at the worst moment, so we have taken certain precautions.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Class is in session. Prepare to get schooled!” yelled Deathshed.
“Hmmm.. indeed. Ready yourself, BJ! I won’t back down.”
Wagram summons the AoD. Wagram then appars on top of the gate and watches. The battle starts, with the extra misson start of battle message again. Then, as the battle starts, the screen turns whitish like in TLR bosses. Eventually, Deathshed is dead. The AoD, up until now, have been invincible since Wagram was shielding it. Then, when Deathshed dies, Wagram jumps down from the gate. He seemingly unleashes some dark power, risking his life to increase his power. He then summons a monster from hell, and launches a gigantic inferno at BJ. It is now Wagram + Aod vs BJ. BJ eventually wins, and the gates open.
“Why… why do you walk on such a different path? … Fine. I’ll let the Conqueror deal with you. “ And Wagram dies.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:01 pm
   Subject: Re: Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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The Warden and the Activator
It is the Conqueror. BJ walks up to the Conqueror, time is slowed down and the scene is dramatized. The Conqueror is standing as he does in original cutscene of TLR.
“You’ve arrived.”
“What’s your game, Conqueror?”
“I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.”
Time for Release
“The beings of this planet have become far too accustomed to using Remnants as their tools. At this rate, they will push the power of remnants beyond their limits. They will destroy all existence.”
“Ridiculous. Do you really think so little of us?”
“Do you really think your trust in mankind is founded?” asked the Conqueror.
“My duty is to prevent that eventuality.” Said the Conqueror, walking down a set of stairs.
“Who… what really are you?”
“Merely one warden of the remnants.” Said the Conqueror, walking down the steps of stairs, his body pulsating with orange energy as he walks down the stairs.
“So, there’s something in Elysion that you need to release the remnants, is that it?”
The Conqueror sighs. “You should know. This was not originally my task to complete! With the activation of this machine, all of the world’s remnants will be freed!”
“While we are answering questions, maybe you can answer me this? Why did you brainwash Hitler and Deathshed?”
“I desire to learn to what extent releasing remnants would affect this world. Thankfully, I found that remnants merely consumer lesser life forms. Like men.”
*Shows Hitler and Deathshed going crazy.*
“People consumed by remnants? Then… if all of the world’s remnants were released…”
“Well, do you finally understand?”
“I understand that you don’t really give a damned about people’s lives! But me? My friends and family are something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ll protect them, no matter what!”
The Conqueror shakes his head.
“As you wish. I won’t hold back.” He closed his eyes, then opens it. His pupils are dilated, and orange. An orange aura temporarily appears, and he spread out his arms.
“Come.” He said, in a low voice, his face showing murder.

Nisus – First form
Schismogenesis – Last Form
BJ eventually does a crapload of damage to the Conqueror. The Conqueror then sees that he cannot defeat BJ by himself, so he calls in the Devil. He binds himself to the Devil. Now the Conqueror is at his true potential. The Conqueror staggers as if weak, then regains his focus, groaning loudly. A red aura appears, persisting. He now levitates. Now he becomes bullshittingly overpowered. Eventually, BJ finds some way to beat him.
The Final Sacrifice
The Conqueror lays on the ground, bleeding and worn out. His sword flings from the sky, piercing the ground near him. BJ is seen, kneeling, obviously worn out as well. He pants a bit, savoring his victory. The machine behinds the Conqueror begins to start, even without his own command. BJ realizes that the machine might activate by itself. BJ hesitates, thinking about what to do. The Conqueror begins to get up. This bastard never dies, does he?!?
BJ runs up to attack the Conqueror. The Conqueror magically has the sword come to his hand, and battles BJ.
“So long as humans go unchecked, you are a weapon. That’s all you are! You cannot stop me, BJ. I am your mirror image in another universe! It is the will of the gods!”
“You can still save lives, BJ. Do you not see that this is for the greater good?”
The fight is uphill for BJ, and the Conqueror managed to get BJ caught off guard, and fatally wounds him. BJ is thrown backwards from the hit.
BJ heroically gets up and runs toward the Conqueror. His true remnant glow appears, and he glows green as opposed to the Conqueror’s red.
The Conqueror attempts to activate the device, freeing all remnants. BJ runs toward the Conqueror… The time is slowed down. Clips of BJ’s past is shown; this includes his chat before he begins his final mission, his fight with the Aod, his encounter with Hitler, and Wagram, and the Conqueror… Sound is played, as the player hears what the Conqueror said in the past. Everything feels like a blur, yet time is slowed down. BJ makes it to the Conqueror. BJ puts his hand inside the Conqueror. BJ sacrifices his life to stop the Conqueror. The Conqueror’s red aura shines around the area, but BJ’s green aura soon fills the room as well. It’s almost as if the Conqueror is the opposite of BJ, yet he is the same.
“……Such… power… and you chose to be used by humans?”
“But me? My family and friends are something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ll protect them, no matter what… even if it means reversing the process… goodbye, all remnants…”
A voice is heard; it is David and BJ’s family…
“You’ll die, BJ. It’s not worth it. You’ll die.”
“I know. Because I’m a remnant too, right?” said BJ.
“You’ve done so much for me. People will find a way to live without us.” Said BJ. “David, I’m sorry. I’ll never see you again.”
The Conqueror groans loudly. BJ then melds inside the Conqueror himself. Both BJ and Conqueror scream in pain. The device in Elysion begins to spin out of control, and the clash of red vs. green can no longer be ignored. BJ’s green creeps up everywhere, overpowering the red. BJ beings to die, his face softening, his body slouching. The Conqueror stands still, not able to move. The place explodes. The Conqueror dies.
Journey’s End
Hell is gone. There is no more sin. There is no more war.
In Wagram’s world, men are astonished at the Remnants, all fading into the void. Not even the Conqueror has any say. David walks through Athlum, obviously sad. His bodyguards keep men from getting close to him. David stops midway on his walk. He looks up at the sky. His bodyguards look up as well. The missing Valaria Heart must be gone forever. Some phenomena of remnants disappearing is seen. It then shows from different places, remnants disappearing. Children and men stare up at the disappearing Valaria Heart. Across the countless forests, Remnants, both discovered and undiscovered, disappear into oblivion. Through the seas, magical figures are seen, floating and swooshing around as remnants cease to exist. David Nassau is seen, feeling his eye patch that was used to power the Gae Bolg. David cries.
A quick video of BJ’s start, fighting all the bosses in the game. A few clips of Wagram talking to BJ, his summoning of the Gates of Hell, and the Conqueror invading Athlum is shown. Between each scenario mentioned, the video switches or pauses by showing more remnants disappearing, with magical figures floating about.
The madness of Hitler and Deathshed are shown. As the music fades, Hitler’s mad face begins to fade as well.
As this song, “Journey’s End”, is played, subtitles for the lyrics is shown.

The credits come on, as the Finale music is played. It starts by showing the main people that took part in making this game, with the text showing up and the disappearing after a set amount of time. Then, as all of those are shown already…
The credits roll up, up showing many people’s names. This long list of names include everyone IN the wolf3d community, both in Wolf3d Haven AND DHW. The background to the text is a picture of The Last Remnant’s Cover.
After all is shown, every possible person I can think of has been given credit, artwork and pictures without any sounds are played. (BTW, the player cannot skip the credits.) Pictures of the people who took part in making the game are shown. A few more pictures of the main characters only (in the game) show up. Then, afterwards, a full scale story of the storyline in this game is shown. After that, banners of Wolf3d fansites show up, including DHW, Wolf3d Haven, and such. Banners for the tools used in making of this game is shown. The background turns pitch black as the banners scroll. Some BS’ed copyright crap is shown. Then, the screen goes black. The Finale music finishes playing. A short video appears, with Wagram saying:
“My goals have been met. I would run, if I were you. Unless you truly wish to die…”
And the screen fades back to black, and the game ends.
What? What the hell was that last line about? You may know, you may never know. Better keep it that way.
The game ends without showing any other screen or highscores.
Why were there two BJs? Why did God make BJ? What truly is different from the Conqueror and BJ? How did CJ know about the Conqueror? Is Wagram still alive? Why did God make remnants?
That, my friends, is another story for another time.
You have unlocked the Hardcore Difficulty Level and Extra Missons!

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Difficulty: 0% to 100%, with 0% meaning average difficulty, 50% meaning very difficult, and 100% being incredibly difficult.
Chapter One – First Awakening
Hans Grosse – 10%
The first real boss. Storms in with two chain guns, Of course, if that were it, this game would be a bit pathetic…
Power of the Sun – Once in a while, Hans will get consumed by darkness, and gain in power. During this period of the power up, he will be able to do double to triple damage, attack without reloading, and walk a bit faster.
After he takes a chunk of damage, he nears death, a cutscene shows, in which Hans pretends to be incapacitated. As BJ walks closer, Hans suddenly springs back, pulling out a rocket launcher. This rocket launcher has a decent blast radius. (Compared to the teeny weeny blast radius of EoD rockets…)
Out of Control – Hans screams in rage, and fires his rocket repeatedly, spamming the level with rockets. He stops after he receives certain amount of damage, in which case, the power up automatically ceases.
Schabbs – 10%
Schabbs now throws syringes that actually actively try to make BJ into a mutant. Schabbs also gets a rocket launcher. Schabbs decides to throw syringes in bursts, meaning that he throws them really quickly for a short period of time. He also uses his rockets, and those have a special effect. The rockets quickly poison the air in the room, bringing back mutants from their deaths in the level after a while. They automatically get up from their death, and run to BJ. The rockets have decent blast radius. Be careful of mutants ambushing you from behind during this boss fight. If you get hit with a syringe, you will begin turning into a mutant. The player begins to get hit by damage, bit by bit, almost like a poison. When the player’s hp reaches 75% or under, with each damage he takes, there is a chance that the player will be turned into a mutant. When the player is under the chance of being a mutant, the player’s face flashes into that of a mutant and back into BJ’s face again. The cure for this ailment is to find a medical syringe around the level. (The ones that heal you over 100% hp).
Gretal – 20%
Gretal in herself is not as difficult, but in this brawl, you gotta take on Gretal and Otto together. In addition, the player must be ready for enemies respawning. The Black Sun energy is spewed every which way in this map, pulsating the whole level teal. This causes enemies to come back to life even after being shot at. Killing enemies close to anything glowing causes them to respawn at a faster rate.
Gretal does not have many tricks up her sleeve.
Code Red – She begins to bend in dark red pulsating energy. Her firing rate slows down, but each of her bullets increase in damage drastically. You might want to simply run away from her when this happens. You don’t wanna get hit by her bullets at this time.
Otto – 20%
Otto Giftmacher’s rockets now have a very decent blast radius, more so than any previous bosses’ rockets. He also has two moves up his sleeve…
Farsight – Some of his rockets go right through walls and object until they are very near BJ, dealing damage by wider blast radius. BJ will get a hint of incoming rockets that can pierce walls.
Target Lock – His rockets now moderately lock onto BJ! Not only that, Otto might just pair up this special attack with Farsight, leading to some unpleasant and inescapable damage from seemingly nowhere.
Fatface – 25%
In addition to facing Fatface, the player also must be ready for infinite waves of chaingunners marching into the battlefield. This is, after all, a military base. The enemies that die don’t respawn, but with each coming minute, more chaingunners are called into the scene. There is a time limit to beating Fatface, as if BJ just gets a stalemate for too long, Hitler will call in a whole army of infantry to clean up BJ.
Fatface himself still has his faithful rocket and chain gun. His has the chain gunning prowess of Hans, and the rocket power of Otto. Because of this, he has all of the special attack Hans and Otto have. Fatface also has a increased walking speed.
In addition to all this crap, Fatface locked himself in a room with 4 doors. The room is decently large, and this is a problem for BJ. You see, each door is guarded by a power generator. The only way to even get in is the use an energy weapon on three of the four doors. When that is done, the fourth door will automatically open. However, don’t think that would be the end of it. After some time, BJ is automatically teleported to outside of Fatface’s room, having to do the whole routine again. Not only that, Chain gunners will be marching around the whole entire premise.
Chapter Two – Means to an End
Trans Grosse – 15%
Trans Grosse, you little girl. He got scared so he ordered on officer to carry an energy source that shields Trans Grosse from any of your attacks! BJ has to find the officer before attacking Trans, and kill him. He must then destroy the energy source before another stupid officer comes and picks up, and runs off. Just an officer you say? Well, since the officer is carrying the energy source, some of the shield is diverted into the fleeing officer, meaning that he can resist more attacks than your average officer. This is not all, though. The route the officer will run around in is filled with doors that are shielded with energy. There is no way to get across those specific doors, so the player must improvise and user alternate and slower routes. Once the device is gone, though, it’s gone for good.
Trans himself doesn’t have much up his sleeve, so taking him down won’t be too much of a problem.
Overload – Trans firing rate goes crazy, as he goes berserk. His damage per bullet remains constant, making him deal much more damage. Some of the bullets pierce obstacles, and there is no way around this. Trans suddenly does not need to reload. During this period of time, Trans has increased defense.
Barnacle – 15%
Barnacle is blue, and he likes having blue comrades help him in battle. That’s right; this level is filled with SS in blue uniform. The battlefield in question takes place outside, so Barnacle has ordered infinite incoming tanks as well as infinite SS troops to flood the level. Unfortunately for Barnacle, the tank and the SS seem to be crawling inwards towards BJ at a slow rate, from the other side of the map. Dispatch Barnacle ASAP. You probably will not be able to kill him before a sizable force of SS and Tanks arrive, however. Use your rocket launcher effectively for this task. You will do almost no damage to tanks with bullets, no matter the gun; rockets are your friend.
Barnacle himself is not obscenely powerful, but his rockets do as a bit more damage and have a higher blast radius than Otto’s. His chain gun power is a bit low, however.
Power of Blue – Barnacle gets angry and runs fast. He shoots rockets and fires his chain gun as he runs. He fires both at the same time. His rockets have increased power and radius. His chain gun does more damage, and its bullets are almost not affected by range. This means that you can be 1000000000 feet from Barnacle, and he can still hit you decently well.
Ubermutant – 20%
The Ubermutant is outside, in Antarctica. The cold has an effect on you, yet seemingly not the Nazis. The reload slower and move slower during the fight. In addition, your health decreases at a slow and steady pace, as you being to die from the cold. The outline of the map is so that BJ gets hit by snipers. Once those get taken out, they rarely get reinforced. However, what do get reinforced are the many soldiers and SS that decides to surround you by flanking you from all sides.
The Ubermutant itself is different. The knives that the Ubermutant hold do significant damage. If BJ gets in contact of the Ubermutant’s knives, if can spell disaster, as the Ubermutant can also fire his chain gun while he slices you with his knives. What? You won’t let it happen? Need I remind you, you move slower in the snow. The Ubermutant is a mobile enemy. You are also distracted by incoming troops. Do your best.
Death Knight – 40%
The Death Knight is your first very challenging boss scenario. First of all, the map is stratigecally favoring the enemies. Second, snipers have decided to camp out. SS and many different infantry units are deployed in the area. Third, there is a looming fog. This fog is a fog that BJ cannot see very well through, yet enemies can. Fourth, some unkillable mutants are found. Some cannot be killed and can only do melee damage. Some can be killed, yet respawn after a while. These can use guns. Fifth, the ammo in the area is not laid out all over the floor; BJ must find stashes hidden away by bushes, secret areas, or in small storage rooms around the map. The supplies automatically respawn after a set time. Sixth, there is the Death Knight himself.
The Death Knight can shoot out 8 rockets in rapid succession. These rockets are not quite as powerful in blast radius as Fatface’s, but have only a bit lower damage than Otto’s. The power of the chain guns are identical to Hans. The Death Knight rarely leaves a set perimeter, and if he does, it is only to flush out BJ for hiding in an area for too long.
Fog of War – Increases the density of the fog, meaning that BJ has an even harder time seeing anything through the fog.
Dark Storm – All enemies other than the Death Knight itself automatically have full hp once again. The Death Knight gets healed by a bit, and the player gets hit by a weak AoE, dealing 20 damage to hp and armor.
Evil’s Advancement – All enemies move, fire, and reload at a faster rate. The Death Knight does not have to reload at all. The Death Knight’s rockets now rush out at an incredible pace, flooding the whole map with rockets. The blast radius of rockets are increased, matching Fatface’s. The Death Knight’s chain guns increase in speed, and are less affected by distance than normal, although to a smaller extent than Wilhems.
Teleport – The Death Knight teleports to somewhere close to BJ, and immediately goes towards BJ.
Angel of Death – 30%
This battle is actually not as difficult as the Death Knight battle on purpose, as the player will rematch the Angel of Death later in the game. For this battle, ghosts once again are present. However, as soon as BJ starts the level, all ghosts immediately set on a course for BJ. They will never idle in some ditch. Some ghosts move at a faster rate than others, and require more bullets to be killed. There are invisible walls around the premise, which the enemy can pass through, but you cannot. The Angel of Death’s projectiles have a large blast radius, with a blast radius larger than Fatfaces. The AoD need not delay after shooting out some projectiles. The projectiles automatically go through any static object without a special attack.
Demonic Farsight – AoD’s projectiles now go through walls and static objects, and partially lock onto the player. The AoD gets a defense boost.
Shatter – Aod gets increased blast radius projectiles. By now, the blast radius is getting pretty darn fearsome.
Chapter 3 – Trail of the Madman
Ultra Mutant – 25%
The Ultra Mutant is fast and furious. Do not let it get too close to you, for it will slash you into pieces. You must move backwards while shooting at the Ultra Mutant. However, while you are shooting the mutant, you are not looking at what’s behind you, aka obstacles. Do not back up into an obstacle! In addition to this, throughout the fight, various mutants will come out of their stasis chambers and begin to fight BJ.
Resurrection – Brings back any dead mutants near the Ultra Mutant, in a radius. The effect lasts for 3 seconds only.
Cleave – Knives do insane damage. Run speed increase.
After the mutant takes enough damage, the mutant transforms. It loses the knife cleaving arms, and instead has one arm. The arm has a gun inside, almost as the bone inside the arm. The gun is a green energy weapon, shooting out energy every which way. The mutant’s attacks can even kill other mutants, use that to your advantage.
Overcharge – AoE attack that does ~50 damage. Everywhere lights up of green. Mutants not affected.
After taking enough damage, the Ultra Mutant undergoes the last transformation. Has two arms now. It goes on a rage, and eat up any mutants (if any are still alive by then). For each mutant this mutant eats, the mutant will gain more hp and power. The Ultra Mutant then shoots out green projectiles in pretty rapid succession.
Acid Rain – AoE attack that drains all armor the player has on and does ~25 damage.
Muck Amok – Attack speed decreases. Each projectile now have a blast radius. They actually also have large blast radius.
Ubersoldat – 30%
The Ubersoldat will be accompanied by elite SS officers. You should take them down first, but they are pretty stubborn about living. After they are killed, you are rewarded with a moment of relief as all there is now is the Ubersoldat. However, eventually soldiers and tanks appear. Supersoldats also begin to pop up.
The Ubersoldat in itself is heavily armed. Its rockets have a large blast radius, that of the AoD’s. Its advanced chain guns do the most damage for chain guns so far in the game, and reload very, very fast.
Mire – Cause time to slow down for the Ubersoldat only. The Ubersoldat begins to do any action at a much faster pace. This power up does not last very long, though.
Blight – AoE that does ~80 damage. This damage will be halved based on armor.
Once enough damage is done, the Ubersoldat drops its advanced chain gun (go pick it up, noob!) and draws a new energy weapon. In fact, there are two. One is a plasma gun, the other is the Lecharfaust. It is a projectile that is not very easy to see, it almost looks like a greenish-bluish light approaching BJ. It does supreme damage, compared to this much into the game.
Hitler – 50%
Time for another very challenging fight. From now on, all boss fights will be very difficult. It’s no longer kid’s games, you are about halfway done with the game!
In this fight, Hitler starts off with a pesky shield that protects him from harm. Two priests are spread out in the level, holding the shield. You must defeat both in order to damage Hitler. There is a problem, though. To get to them, you must go through Hitler’s army and Hitler himself. Try to avoid them if possible, since many soldiers will ALSO be shielded as well. Not all, but some. The priests are not just running officers holding shields, either. They can do mire without any delay. In fact, they practically spam it all the time. Good luck doing damage to people that run at a supernatural pace in mire. Also, priests can do shoot out projectiles that deal hardcore damage, but most of the time, they just resort to running around so you cannot hit them. Priests cannot be shielded, for your information.
On your way to finding priests, you will encounter another new type of enemy. The new type of enemy is not new to Wolfenstein, since they are the stealth killers in the game. They are invisible most of the time, and their melee damage is pretty damned strong, too. They are hard to take out, making them very dangerous. If you get a stealth killer close to a priest, the priest will SHIELD the stealth killer, making the situation almost hopeless.
As if all this crap isn’t enough, some doors also have the nasty shield to them, meaning you must take alternate routes. When the priests and stealth soldiers fall, now is a good time to confront Hitler.
Hitler, as you may have guessed, is not an easy to kill person. Even without his shield, his defense is very, very high. You must use a high powered weapon that can do high damage per ammo used. In fact, at the start of the battle, Hitler’s defenses are so high to the point that you still cannot deal significant damage to him. You must use a container of Black Sun energy. You will glow green. Your attacks will then finally be able to deal some damage to Hitler. After a while, you no longer need to use Black Sun energy, since Hitler’s armor starts to get weak. Using additional Black Sun energy will aid you in doing more damage, regardless, but they will run out.
Strong Malice – Hitler does an attack that is similar to AoE, but has a bit less range. It does damage and decreases the effectiveness of BJ’s weapons, and decreases reloading speed.
Dark Awakening – Hitler’s defenses increase. His general firepower increase. His general speed increases.
After a while, Hitler’s defenses get worn out. A cutscene is shown as Hitler pops out of his armor.
Hitler then comes out, still heavy duty. He only uses chain guns now, but his mastery with chain guns in this form is unmatched. All areas concerning the effectiveness and reloading of the chain gun are top notch, so he does a fast firing rate, doing high damage per bullet. His defense against rockets increase.
Mire – Slows down time.
Rushing Recklessly – Hitler’s defense decreases. He is healed by a bit. He begins to fire rapidly, and teleport to a location some steps away, and fires really fast, and teleports a few steps away. He does this fast, so it’s very hard to actually hit him. No use in ducking either, since he is teleporting.
After being done enough damage, Hitler becomes less bulky and heavy duty. His defense decreases, but his speed increases drastically, as if he is in semi-mire all the time.
Mire – Slows down time
Chapter 3 – Through the Maw of Hell
Wagram – 35%
After the last fight, this one should feel almost like a cakewalk. But don’t think it so, or you will die anyways. (Haha, dying at a cakewalk.) Wagram’s walking speed is a bit slower than average… however, he doesn’t rely on walking, per se. He teleports. His attacks include teleporting close to you and stunning you with his fan and dealing damage with his fan. Sounds easy, but he has really high attack/defense and such, making him more difficult as you would guess at first thought. Wagram uses his AoE attack more often than any other previous bosses.
Flamedrop – He ignites a flame from the palm of his hand, moves it towards BJ, and as the flame nears BJ, the flame increases in size. The further the projectile has to travel to hit something, the stronger the result. The flame explodes on contact, and burns up the area, hurting BJ if he walks through the burned up area.
Gates of Hell – 55%
As you can see, 55% difficult is very difficult! The Gates of Hell is a difficult boss. At the start of the fight, multiple monsters guard the Gate of Hell, forming a formation. While each monster is not too strong, there are about 8 groups of them, and they can be very overwhelming. You must kill as many as possible, since after a set amount of time, the Gates of Hell will open, and it will be activated. When that happens, the Gates of Hell joins in on the fight. Ouch. Using rockets or any other weapons that can do mass damage to multiple enemies at once is an ok idea, but the monsters all have higher defense against those types of attacks. So, guns or projectiles? Your choice.
The Gates of Hell eventually activates. It hovers over the land, going towards BJ. You cannot duck and hide, since there is nothing to duck and hide with. You must man up the damage as much as possible. The Gates of Hell can do Blues Flames, in which the boss shoots out enemies from the top of the boss, dealing damage. Another attack is Hellfire, in which the Gates of Hell drops seemingly iron hot coals or globes of yellow. Upon hitting the floor, the floor near BJ is automatically hit with fire, as fire and seemingly acid spurt out from the ground.
Pandemonium – The Gates of Hell makes a loud noise, and lines or strings shoot out from the sky, hitting dead units, and bringing them back up to life. The lines and strings then still persist, almost as if the enemies are being Pinocchio. Even dead allies on the ground will turn against you. You can kill them all, as well, though.
Cyclops Standard Model – 65%
The Cyclops uses the Gae Bolg pretty often. It also has high defense and attack. The Cyclops can do three other attacks. The Arm Whip attack hits BJ, doing high melee damage, sweeping across a very, very wide radius. The Catastrophe attack does close quarter melee damage, dealing very, very high damage. (Just doing long range combat makes the Cyclops use the Gae Bolg and long range attacks more often, however!) Finally, the Cyclops can also use long range attacks such as Confuse (makes your attacks less accurate), Berserk (makes your defense lower), and Addle, which makes every aspect of your character less powerful. (Speed, reload speed, power, etc.)
Gae Bolg Berserk III – Does very high damage that flashes up brilliant lights.
Six Bases – 70%
This is the largest level in the game. This works against you, since there is a time limit for finishing the level. The player has to hurry up in the level. While the time limit is not too difficult to pass, there is no time for idling around. If you can, run around. One major obstacle is the boss in each base. You almost must defeat all 7 bosses in 6 bases under the time limit, and exit to the center of the level. After completing each base, the player receives a minor ability boost, be it reloading speed, power, or whatnot. Each general is accompanied by an assortment of its unique guardians. Each the 7 bosses really like to spam their special attacks, so be careful!
Snievan – This is the dude is armed with four remnant gun thingys. They never need reloading and never run out of bullets. They also target lock onto the player. Sounds hard? Well, this is only the special attack. Snievan normally uses other attacks. His attacks include long range mystical attacks, and melee attacks. Two of his melee moves actually propels him forward towards the player, so that he can melee you further.
Lungh’s Revenge – Snievan fires his remnants. Its power does not degrade over long distances and can lock onto the player. Bring on the pain!
The dude that does iron will – This guy is one angry human. He likes to teleport near you, run up to you, and slice you to ribbons with his sword.
Iron Will – The man goes berserk and counters any attack with 5 attacks. The attacks could be anything, but they are executed quickly. How long this special attack lasts depends on how much damage you did to him 30 seconds earlier.
The Yama – This huge guy doesn’t like you, and he wants to get his message across. His gigantic sword is slower than average, but the damage is horrendous. In fact, he can just slam his sword on the ground, shaking up the earth, dealing damage to BJ. He has very high defense against weapons that do low damage per ammo used.
Overdrive – Instead of doing one attack each time, the enemy does x5 attacks each time. OUCH!
Young the Belligerant – Young really likes to spam his Brawl attack. He really loves spamming it. So be prepared to see it pretty much all the friggin’ time. Young’s mastery with his sword is fine, but his real power is his Brawl attack that he uses oh-so-often.
Brawl – Young gets a bloodlust and spams combos with his fists and such, beating you up with really fast martial arts.
The dude that uses galaxy – This Qsiti is superior in magick. He does not have powerful close range attacks, but his long range attacks will wreak havoc. His main super attack is galaxy.
Poison Gas – Poisons BJ and deals damage. May be cured by syringes.
Paralyze Gas – Deals damage and decreases BJ’s reloading speed and movement speed.
Maledict – Curses BJ. The attack does damage right off the bat, and does periodical and random chunks of damage. Cannot be cured and goes away after some time.
Smoke Bomb – Creates a looming black fog that BJ cannot see very well in, and does damage.
Orphanic Ward – Greatly increases the enemy’s defense. Adds a bit more defense to high powered weapons as well versus gun damage.
Galaxy – AoE that does high damage. Shows a galaxy forming,
Hannah and Hinnah – These are twin sisters that use the remnant, Nightbloom. Their sword mastery is pretty high, and they can both use long range attacks. They also like to spam their special attacks pretty often.
Twin Snowpetals – Hannah and Hinnah team up to do magical sword attacks in the air, causing AoE damage, and causing the area to snow. You know the effects of snow? Check back to Ubermutant boss scenario. This attack may only be done with both Hannah and Hinnah are alive.
Snowpetal – One person does this attack instead of two. Does high melee damage, causing short term snow.
Kiss of Life – Revives a fallen sister. The sister is then revived with full hp. This attack may only be used 1-3 times in the whole entire fight.
Rewards: You get rewards for beating each boss. For each boss beaten, you get an upgrade.
Snievan – Ability to use Lugh’s Revenge. It shows up under the remnant weapons tab. You cannot find ammo for this weapon anywhere, rather, it recharges by itself. Use this when you can, since it is damned powerful.
Hinnah and Hannah – Regenerate HP automatically.
Young – Ability to hold more ammo than normal, more than even with a backpack.
Iron will dude – Ability to attack, reload, and run faster.
Yama – Ability to regenerate armor automatically.
Ludope – Ability to use magicks. It needs time to regenerate, and is found under the same tab as remnants. The magicks BJ does is an AoE, and also has a temporary mire effect for BJ.
Apocalypse – 50%
The Apocalypse is a unique boss. You cannot kill it by weapons, and your goal is to cling to survival. This means that the enemy will have pretty strong attacks. It has four forms, which the boss will switch after a set period of time. You can decrease the damage you receive by dealing damage, however.
Chapter 4 – Confrontation
Wagram/Deathshed/Angel of Death – 50%
The combined scenario features much more powerful enemies than before, but BJ, after using the power of the Spear, now plays in semi-godmode.
You now have the Spear. Your Hp and armor regenerate automatically, at ever faster pace than before. You reload and run faster than before. Your projectiles now have a semi-lock on effect. Each attack you do now does more damage. Your max hp is now 999, and you can hold vast amounts of ammo now. Your ammo now regenerates automatically. While wielding the Sod, even if you can’t use it as a weapon yet, your defense increases. Use it as a “shield”.
You now can use the remnant, Spear of Destiny. You cannot find ammo for this weapon anywhere; rather it regenerates after a set period of time. Use it when you can, it is the ultimate weapon. The weapon does an AoE and renders BJ temporarily invincible. The AoE shines up bright green. It hits like Gae Bolg, and then the effect intensifies, forming a globe of green-ness, intensifying exponentially. The effect binds all enemies inside the radius from movement. The stronger the enemy, the less they will be affected by the bind. Even the Conqueror will be stunned for a short period of time, however.
At first, the player just fights Deathshed and the AoD. The AoD at this point is invincible, so only attack Deathshed. Deathshed wields the Leicherfaust, so watch out! The AoD still seemed like the same AoD from the first fight. Eventually Deathshed takes enough damage to drop his Leicherfaust, and he starts using two very advanced chain guns. He dies.
Chain gun Synergy – Both of his chain guns meld into one huge chain gun. This new chain gun fires pretty fast, with EACH BULLET doing the damage of a rocket!
Lugh’s Revenge – You already know what this attack does.
After Deathshed dies, Wagram steps in. He risks his life in order to power up himself and the AoD. The AoD now has his shield taken off.
Fiery Idol – Summons the Fiery Idol to fight.
Icy Idol – Summons the Icy Idol to fight.
Charged Idol – Summons the Charged Idol to fight.
Divine Idol – Summons the Divine Idol to fight.
Gates of Hell – Summons the Gates of Hell to fight.
Mystic Magicks – He launches blue flames from his hand, and punches it, propelling the fire towards BJ. The flame turns into a fireball and explode with a huge blast radius.
Mighty Bludgeon – Wagram teleports behind BJ and instantly hits BJ to the ground with his fan. BJ is hit for damage and is moved aside by force.
Peerless Restraint – Wagram sets up fire on BJ. BJ is restrained in blue flames. BJ can still move-ish, but his movement is decreased a lot. For each second BJ remains in the restraint, BJ is dealt damage.
Maledict – You already know what this does.
The AoD turns black. It can now do its previous special moves in every hit. This means, all projectiles have large blast radius and hit through walls and such. The AoD also sometimes teleports behind BJ, and hits him with its fist, pushing BJ back a lot, dealing damage.

The Conqueror – 60%
The Conqueror in Savage Mode – 100%
This is the final boss fight in the whole entire game. 100% difficulty is… very, very hard.

The Conqueror has two forms : One after he has taken enough damage, one before. Before, he can only do AoE up to Whiteout. The Conqueror can summon any monster on either forms, but I’ll only list the list once. The Conqueror can only do Magicks up to right before permafrost before Savage mode.
Delta Peltra - He forces a meteor down into Hell, hitting BJ with a gigantic radius.
Masterblow IV – The Conqueror slashes BJ with his sword. The hit is so powerful, the sword goes deep INSIDE BJ. The Conqueror almost has to struggle to get it out of him.
Balterossa – Summons Balterossa, a remnant being.
Cyclops – Summons a version of Cyclops without the Gae Bolg.
Narum Niram – Summons the summon as shown in TLR.
Lob Omen – Summons Lob Omen as seen in TLR.
Elverag – Summons Elverag, a giant dragon. Fights for a limited time only.
Eventually the Conqueror goes into Savage Mode. The Conqueror staggers, as if weak, groans, then a red aura appears, as his power charges up and he ditches his sword. He begins to levitate.
Savage Mode Conqueror – His punches do more damage than his sword, which he threw away.
Teleport – Teleports. (Duh.)
Omnistrike - An all-encompassing strike that does fantastic effects and deals incredible damage.
Obliterate – The Conqueror does some magick with his hand, and after he moves it in a certain way, the sound of fire (from Eod) is heard, as the place where BJ stands is instantly hit with what seems like bullets. Not hard to dodge, but failure to dodge this attack means instant death, and the Conqueror can sometimes do this attack even if he can’t see you! Some rare aura on your screen warns you of this.
Mire – You already know what this does.
Photon Field – A rare power-up that the Conqueror uses. If he does this, he is instantly invincible for a period of time.
Deep Impact - The Conqueror controls a surge of Black Sun fire, having the power surge from the earth, where BJ stands. Difficult to dodge.
Seal – Calls down some mystical item from the sky, hitting through the floor. If BJ gets caught within the radius, he either instantly dies or gets hit by insane damage. (You’d probably die either way.)
Pandemonium – You already know what it does.
Revitalize – Repairs his damage received, effectively healing him.
Overdrive – Allows him to do non-AoE attacks in rapid succession. The effect wears off in less than half a minute. Used only when he has low health left. This power up is always very bad news.

Here is a list of AoE that he has… (All attack that do more damage than Gae Bolg, you can hear the Conqueror say “Die!” as he starts to do the attack. Take heed!)
Abyssal Seal II – Calls down a surge of Black Sun energy, dealing damage and draining all armor.
Blackout – Deals damage and decreases benefits from health items. Does a bit more damage than Abyssal Seal.
Whiteout – Makes BJ move a bit slower, and deals slightly more damage than Blackout.
Animalcule – Poisons BJ, makes him walk slower, makes BJ temporarily unable to attack, does more damage than Whiteout, and drains armor. Slightly more damage than Whiteout. Less damage is received for being very far away from the Conqueror. This effect is not very drastic, though.
“Gae Bolg Berserk V” – Does more damage than Animalcule, reduced the effect of armor and health items. How does the Conqueror do this? He is so bad-***, he launches Gae Bolg’s attacks with his hand! Damage received is a tad bit less if BJ is far from the Conqueror.
Fatal Eclipse – Less damage than Crimson Flare, but the damage done is the same no matter how close you are to the Conqueror. More damage than Gae Bolg.
Crimson Flare – The ultimate in terms of brute damage. BJ receives more damage for being close to the Conqueror, and less for being far away from him when the attack is used.
War God – I lie. The ultimate damage dealer is War God. A gigantic Valaria Heart falls from the sky, dealing INCREDIBLE damage. Mystical letters (As shown in the picture of the Conqueror) streams out from the place where the sword hits. Don’t piss your pants! (A rare attack, however.) Be prepared, or instantly die no matter where you on, in the map. God help us all…
Magick list – Top to bottom = Weakest to Strongest
Magic Bullet – The Conqueror propels bullets of magic upwards, and they land, hitting BJ. Locks on target.
Magic Arrow – The Conqueror projects 3 target marks at BJ. The Conqueror then shoots the arrows at the targets.
Eclipse – The Conqueror throws out a globe of yellow hot plasma. Explodes on impact, with plenty of smoke, temporarily decreasing BJ’s line of sight.
Permafrost – Gigantic crystals of ice shoot out from where BJ stands.
Grenade Impact – A dark black and yellow sphere shoots out, towards BJ. On impact, explodes like a mini atomic bomb.
Cachexia – Black, curvy streaks of darkness pop out, hitting BJ. BJ’s ability to regenerate hp is temporarily halted. (Very dangerous in conjunction with other attacks.)
Cerulean Rain – The Conqueror tosses a blue sword up in the air. Once in the air, the sword multiplies into hundreds of swords, and they fall from the sky, dealing damage in its radius. Run as far away from the target as possible and you might escape it.
Heaven’s Door – The Conqueror takes two big spears, and performs the move, Heaven’s Door quickly, as seen in TLR. Try to dodge it.
Extra Missions – Unlocked after the normal game is beat. Harder version of previous bosses. You may use cheats, but that makes everything easy.
The Fiery Gates – 80%
Cyclops Extreme Model – 90%
Hitler’s Soul – 100%
The Enlightened Seven – 125%
The White/Enlightened Conqueror – OVER 9000!!!
The White Conqueror is the most challenging boss in the entire game. Cheats are recommended to defeat him. His first form just includes Masterblow V, Seal, Obliterate, Deep Impact, and Blackout/Whiteout. After a set time, he automatically enters Savage Mode.
Abyssal Seal V
Gae Bolg Berserk V
Fatal Eclipse
Crimson Flare
War God
Permafrost – Gigantic crystals of ice and foreign elements surge out from the ground, and shoot upwards to the ceiling.
Mystic Mine – Part of a star appears from the ground, shooting out a column of fire. The fire then spread around a radius.
Grenade Impact – Explodes like a mini atomic bomb.
Cachexia – Same as TLR version.
Scattered Petals – The Conqueror seemingly summons two ghostly arms. He now has four arms. He strikes like a more powerful version of Scattered petals as seen in TLR.
Quadrille – The Conqueror seemingly summons two ghostly arms. He now has four arms. He strikes like a more powerful version of Quadrille as seen in TLR.
Supernova – Explodes with bursts of fire everywhere, as if an infinite amount of bombs are being detonated, one by one.
Purging Fire - As seen in TLR from the summon Narul Niram
Almagest – The Conqueror calls down divine lightening or streaks of white power. The streaks hit the ground, and the power spreads, hitting almost the whole level with power.
Omni-Strike – As seen in TLR.
Teleport – No description needed, I think.
Photon Field – He uses it more often than the regular Conqueror. As seen in TLR.
Overdrive – As seen in TLR.
The true question is, is BJ really the good guy? The Conqueror is here to save Remnants first, humans second, but he is, after all, probably saving more lives that way. By leaving Remnants unattended throughout multiple universes, some idiot is bound to overload a Remnant. And when that happens, all is lost. Who do you think is the good guy?
Oh, and one final note: From the description I put earlier, you might think that I would give the Nazi fights and levels less priority, but that’s not true. It just that, more of the story progresses per event after Hitler dies.

If you thought that this story sucked… well, that hurts my heart. I worked so long on it. There are obviously parts of Wolf3d, Sod, RTCW, and Wolfenstien, and TLR in this game, and I hope they would blend well in a mod.
Now, let’s just hope SOME coder steps up to make this dream a reality. Oh, such a gift that would be…

Credits for this story:
Me, Dark_wizzie – For making the story.
iD software – For making the Wolfenstein series
Square Enix – For making TLR
Wolfercooker – For some story ideas
Schabbs – Not sure, but I’m positive I will end up needing his help for something eventually, so I’ll just credit him now.
Areyep and MCS - for the idea of using Sod as a weapon.
My forum – Because I said so.
…And you, of course, for reading. Thank you!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:03 pm
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Quick recap for those confused.

-The Conqueror believes that some idiot (like Hitler ) will abuse the power of remnants beyond its limits.
-Hitler was abusing everything and anything, especially the Sod, which is a remnant
-If what the Conqueror fears occurs, all is lost. Anyone and everyone, remnants or humans or aliens, all die.
-The Conqueror wants to release Remnants upon this world, saving all of them. But this effect can occasionally have a bad impact on humans. The Conqueror's test made Hitler a crazy man, causing WW2.
-BJ thinks humans are good on the inside and can learn to control their desires to abuse power.
-Whether the Conqueror is good or BJ, is up to you.
-On another note, the Conqueror is saving more lives while BJ is selfish about the human race, wanting to save humans first.
-Hitler's abuse of remnants infuriated the Conqueror, and allowed Wagram to appear in this universe.


So, I am finally done posting.
I didn't know everyone had a 5 image posting limit per post. Eh. Now I know.
Comments, suggestions, flames, bring them on!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:05 am
   Subject: Re: Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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I personally think this story is waaaay too long for a Wolf3d mod. I can't bring myself to read it (I just quickly read the recap) and I think other persons will have the same problem with it. I do think the story would work for a mod, but I would suggest trimming the story down quite a bit. After all, most of the wolfers just want to play the mod, not read a story of 75 pages. Laughing But it does show that you have thought out the mod quite well. Thumbs Up
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:20 pm
   Subject: Re: Wolfenstein Never-Ending Story and Boss Scenarios
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Ha. No, my intention is to not barrage the player with 100000000 pages of text. Most of the story will be revealed by "cutscenes".

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