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After the Hailstorm
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:39 pm
   Subject: After the Hailstorm
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I always wonder what a "Fallout meets Wolfenstein" TC would be like...
don't you?

"After the Hailstorm"
a Wolfenstein TC

Führerstadt Linz (Reichsgau Oberdonau), 20th December 1944.
After the failure to launch a new front and retake Budapest in Hungary, German forces are thrown back within the borders of the Reich. Joseph Stalin had reached an agreement with the Western Allies concerning the relative postwar political influence of each party in much of Eastern and Central Europe; however, these agreements said virtually nothing about the fate of Austria, then officially considered to be merely the Ostmark area of Greater German Reich after the Anschluss in 1938. As a result, the victory of an American-British offensive toward Austria and the liberation of a large part of this area would be very beneficial for subsequent postwar negotiations with the Russians. As American and British forces surround Linz and the German forces placed to stop them are forced back into the suburbs, the city's fate seems sealed. Nevertheless, there is much heavy fighting within the city as the Allied army fights its way, street by street, into the centre. On the first of December 1944, the first Allied ground forces started to penetrate the outskirts and by 19 December, Linz is completely cut off from the outside world. Daily bombardment and shelling by artillery ensue the following night and day.

As a hailstorm dominated the city's snowcovered rubble streets in the evening sun, a single American bomber fllew over the city. A single plane usually meant reconnaissance; unalarmed, people went about their way, hurrying home through the elements. Suddenly, a burnished bright light filled the atmosphere. First there was a shocking white light, thereafter came a high-pitched, shrieking noise, as if millions of angels screamed in agony. Ultimately, all was shrouded in a disheartening, comfortless, funereal black velvet. An orange flash bright as the sun prompted people to dive to their snouts in the rubble and debris of the once orderly streets. The deafening blast of an enormous explosion singes the skin on the faces of many shocked citizens. Gusts of hot air at temperatures of more than a million degrees centigrade lift up people seemingly effortless, only to throw the lifeless remains meters away. Downtown Linz is completely destroyed in the blast. All that remains is a gray, ash-covered wasteland. Horribly disfigured people emerge from the direction of the city, clumps of skin hanging detached from their swollen bodies, their reddish muscle tissue exposed. Others were crushed by the debris from buildings collapsing as a result of the massive wave of pressure. Those at a somewhat greater distance from ground zero were killed by direct exposure to radiation. Many were poisoned when they drank the radioactive rain that began falling about 20 minutes after the explosion. The large-scale deaths of civilians, government officials and military personnel during the following weeks shocked the world.

"Bleeding from multiple wounds, I dragged myself into the remains of the churchyard under swirling, thick, dark clouds of dust. Many of my workmates were already lying outside, some spitting up dark blood. I saw grayish burn wounds through their torn clothing. What a terrible feeling! I could see nothing. My hands and face singed, intense pain gripped my body. I tried to walk a little and stumbled over a fallen tree. I lay there, not knowing for sure where I was or whether something else might happen to me. I fainted soon thereafter."
-- eye witness statement, 21st December 1945. Recorded by SS-Sturmbannführer Walter Gunther, Gestapo Leitstelle Linz, Langgasse 13

The Reichskommissar for the defense of post-nuclear Linz, Gauleiter Hinrich "Death Knight" Ritter., has ordered people to remain in their houses or in the underground Luftschutz bunkers. Most of Linz's finest buildings lay in ruins after the battle. There was no water, electricity, or gas — and bands of people, both foreigners and Gernans, plundered and assaulted the helpless residents in the absence of a police force. While the street fighting was still intensifying in the southern and western suburbs, Allied soldiers have begun to enter the city outskirts. You, as B.J. Blazcowitz, are the first America soldier to infiltrate the damaged area. Get inside and see if you can locate and assassinate the Gauleiter in order to finally end the fighting. in a post-nuclear Linz warzone, you are to escape the industrial complex of the AG Reichswerke „Hermann Göring“ into the city of Linz. Prepare yourself - next to Volkssturm, SS, Wehrmacht and Schutzpolizei batallions, you will face many undead zombies!
DieHard SS
DieHard SS

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:04 pm
   Subject: Re: After the Hailstorm
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It is an exciting story... do you plan to create a mod or it is just a story suggestion?

"Gauleiter Hinrich "Death Knight" Ritter". Do you mean Heinrich or really Hinrich?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:57 pm
   Subject: Re: After the Hailstorm
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'Fallout meets Wolfenstein' definitely has potential. In general, I usually quite enjoy games with a post-apocalyptic setting; a setting that is rarely used in Wolf3D mods.
DieHard Wolfer
DieHard Wolfer

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:54 pm
   Subject: Re: After the Hailstorm
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Josh was making his Wasteland game, which was very much like a Wolf3d/Fallout type of thing, but I would also like to see a WW2 typed one. Maybe the player could actually be a German for a change, perhaps in the Volksturm or even the SS, who has realized the Nazis true intentions or something, and decides to fight back? I don't know, it just makes more sense to me than a lone US soldier for something like this anyways.

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