Tip on preventing your TC's form being deleted by guests
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#1: Tip on preventing your TC's form being deleted by guests Author: KyleRTCWLocation: Ohio PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:13 am
Some may already know this but for those who don't. I know how like a couple people got mad because a family member or guest accidently deleted your TC/src files etc. Well if you are concerned about it, just mark your folders hidden.

By right clicking the folder -> Proporties -> Hidden
Then the folder icon should be semi tranparent

Then to actaully 'hide' it, go to Tools -> Folder Options, click the View Tab, find
Donot show hidden files and folder

Then bubble it in.
Go back to your directory where the hidden folder is and it should completely not be there, therefore, prevented from being deleted, then when you want to unhide, Goto folder options, then bubble in "Show hidden folders and files"
Then right click the folder and uncheck hidden.

This is good so people don't get mad because people say that their TC was deleted by a friend etc.
Because it seems that the people whose got deleted probably didn't know how.

#2: Re: Tip on preventing your TC's form being deleted by guests Author: Guest PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 9:35 am
I always makes backup of those TCs/Source codes by copy them onto either CDRW disc or Second Removable hard drive, instead of hide those folders. Recommanded is makes backups first before they screw those files up.... Hiding those folders is good idea, but there is alot of viruses floats all over the world that could destroys them even if Anti-Virus is installed and protected..

if you don't know what the Removable Hard drive is, then take a look at this thing. Wink

#3: Re: Tip on preventing your TC's form being deleted by guests Author: Majik MonkeeLocation: Missouri PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 9:51 am
And of course, the very best way to keep people from deleting your stuff is to password protect your PC, and NOT LET THEM TOUCH IT... Laughing This is my preferred method of disaster prevention. They can't do much if they can't touch your PC in the first place...

What really boggles my mind is these folks who say their stuff was "accidentally" deleted by someone else. For starters, you'd have to intentionally delete the material, and THEN, go to the recyling bin and delete it again. The first part I can see happening, but the second part would require intentional malice. I would rethink my friendship with people who actually "accidentally" went through all those steps and deleted your stuff... Sarcastic

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