"The Engine" another boss Idea (XD)
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#1: "The Engine" another boss Idea (XD) Author: Spiritblade-incLocation: Canada PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 6:12 pm
I am unable to do "Der Metzgermeister" Due to the simple fact that i can't find any decent ways to extract all Ubermutant frames without them getting wrecked by SoD palatte. So if anyone could extract them properly, please do so, put them in a a zip file, and upload them to your site so i may download them Smile Razz.

Anyways, The engine, This is going to be a cyborg ( dear god? Another one erick!? XD ) A master cyborg. He will have completely different armour, and may have an arrangement of weapons. Perhaps even some sort of futuristic Laser cannon, which lets off a sligh purple glow from the barrel and some small holes in the gun. He might have a mask, or even a face ( That would be a first for my cyborgs )

Once again, i cannot guarentee anything but still. It's an idea.

Best Regards

P.S: I will release my Wallsets, i'm just about done touching them up. I don't have Wolf3d Or SoD anymore. I just recently bought a new HDD cause my old one crashed.

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#2: Re: "The Engine" another boss Idea (XD) Author: ZuljinRaynor PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2004 6:19 pm
You can use WDC to extract the Ubermutant frame. http://winwolf3d.tripod.com

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