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#1: Spear: Destiny Reborn Story Author: Guest PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:23 pm
I know it's VERY early to even talk about a sequel to EOD but... (taken from EOD manual possible spoilers)

Story: After your last encounter with the spear you take drastic measures to ensure tht the Nazi's don't get thier evil clutches on it again.

December 1945:

You let out a sigh of relief as the spear is destroyed. You begin your trip back to the beaches. As before, you tell no one of your frightening trip to the depths of Hell, lest everyone think you mad. You look up at the sun and think I'm finally going to relax.

January 1946:

The Charred ruins of a once beautiful estate permeate throughout the land. a tall, Husky figure approaches with caution. He knows what to do. Searchig the charred remains he finds what he is looking for. Taking the combonation to a large safe out of his pocket, he begins to crack the code. The safe squeaks open revealing the location of the 'true' spear. Suddenly a charred figure emergges from ovr the horizon alive purley by luck.

H. Nienkopf
Oh Mein Gott! you survived!

???: Yes. I. Damn that Allied pig he foiled us again.

H Neinkopf
Yes it's a good thing we were able to move the spear to it's Plan C location quickly.

???: Yes well, then I guess I will go with you.

H neinkopf
Yes I will take you there now

???; this time the allied dog won't escape Herr. he's mine

H Neinkopf Yes we will set up ur most difficult traps yet and he will pay with his life. The Fuhrer will rise again!!

February 1946

You return to your wife and son, pleased that the ordeal is finally over. You've already retired from military duty and you're ready to live life to the fullest without any worries of evil siezing the world or hell rising or something.

Suddenly the phone rings you have a gut feeling that is telling you soething is wrong, very wrong. you answer

It's the bearer of bad news!!

BJ: Oh JC. What is wrong.

Guy: Well, BJ we need your assistance again.

BJ: The Nazi's??

Guy: yes we've spotted a fleet of nazi troops on a small pacific Island. Uncharted until now.

BJ: Well can't yo get another guy seeing I destroyed the spear these guys have NOTHING, NOTHING

guy: I'm sorry to be the bearer of awful news but according to a british spyplane they once agan have the SPEAR.

you wonder how in the hell it happened. You destroyed it brefore your very own eyes. you were taken to hell. then you realized. Those SOB's they exchanged the REAL sper for a fake one that was identical in apearance. They did it while you were in the fiery pits of Hell so you couldn't possibly know.

BJ: No more clever plans... This time They're going down and I'm going to destroy this thing.

Bosses so far

Spear of Destiny: You need no introduction to this artefact of glory. However since you'e faced the ultimate test to SECURE it what's in store for you now?? (Perhaps the ultimate test is not one to secure the artefact. perhaps it is one to DESTROY it )
Very Happy

#2: Re: Spear: Destiny Reborn Story Author: ZuljinRaynor PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:12 pm
A sequal to EoD? Did you talk to Areyep about it? I wouldn't use it without his permission. Netherless, why can people not make there own SoD sequals to avoid SR or EoD?! For example, my mod is a SoD unofficial sequal, but it throws SR and EoD out of the story.

I hope this isn't back-seat moderating. Mad

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