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#1: Kyo's unnamed "Resident Evil" TC story (by The Chi Author: ChiefRebelAngelLocation: Northern Darkness PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:24 pm
Here's a story for ya!!

Location: Siberia

Year: 2135

The Umbrella corporation's experiments with various hazardous biological/chemical agents has taken a negative toll. With the development of the virus(?), the disaterous effects caused the destruction of Raccoon City. After the strain and the infected population had been neutralized, remaining stock of the virus was to be shipped from the Hive to an orbital platform where it would be jetisonned into the sun. Unfortunetly, those plans did not come to pass.

The sky-frieghter dubbed 'Helios" was directed in a eastern heading, passing over northern east-Europe when a malfunction occured. The tox-bay was compromised spilling metric tonnes of heavy waste canisters into the path of the escourt ships, destroying them. The ship began to lose altitude moments before penetrating the upper ionosphere. The trajectory was altered sending the cargo ship smashing into the ice of Lake Kruschev near the northern Russian city of Omsk. Russian workers began to collect, excavating the site emediatly, looking for materials to salvage. An emergency press report stated that an Umbrealla corporation asset has gone missing somewhere over the arctic circle near the russian boarder.

You play the role of Yuri Gagnorov, a former RCI-S officer whose taken up a life in the private mining industry. You lead a team to the crash site only to find that Kov-3 corp. engineers have beaten you to the 'prize'. Kov-3, a rival mining and salvage company is formed of mostly ex-state soldiers and mercenaries, have set up a security perimiter. Surrounded by steel walls and makeshift portable labratories, the team enters the main security entrance. You look around, and see no guards at the check point. You tell you team to spread out and investigate the situation. The garage door of the the vehicle maintenence is open slightly. You crawl underneath to witness something of sheer horror, disembowled bodies sway from chains, blood soaks the gound, the smell of blood and iron fills the room.

You panic. You go outside and yell to your team to load up and radio for the transport. No one answers. You see a pair of Renkov's boots laying, surrounded by melted snow and blood. You pick up his side arm and search for extra ammo. "Something's terribly wrong here" you mutter, "Got to find a working radio, and perhaps a bottle of Vodka!"

#2: Re: Kyo's unnamed "Resident Evil" TC story (by The Author: RichterBelmont12Location: New Jersey PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2004 8:08 pm
Thanks Chief I like it

#3: Re: Kyo's unnamed "Resident Evil" TC story (by The Author: ZuljinRaynor PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:31 pm
In 10 years Mars will be under attack by hell!!!

BTW, by the Chi? Chi tells sweet stories. Razz

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