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#1: Just a Reminder - Everyone Please Read as a Rules Addition Author: BrotherTankLocation: Ontario PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 8:23 pm
First let me say that this is NOT an attack on other forums. I couldn't care less how many Wolfenstein forums there are out there, or the number of homepages. I'm all for various places to gather and chat/exchange information. But with that said.. Here goes...:

It would seem that some people have been comming here and taking code tutorials from our database and posting them elsewhere. I have found a few places where the information given in these forums has been reposted on either Homepages or other forums. This is not appreciated for a number of reasons of which here are the two biggest:

1) In most cases the person posting the code elsewhere is not giving credit to the original author.
2) The original author of the code has not been asked for permission to post the code elsewhere and/or permission was not given for the repost.

Those that are caught continuing this practice will loose privilages to the forums.

You might wonder why I am taking this stand. So here is my explanation (to which I hope everyone will respect) and my reasoning for:

Back a few years ago (many) there were factions of people wanting to play with and modify both the game and the code. Many different forums (as we'll call them) were set up by these different factions. It seemed everyone had to have their own forum to "BE" popular. These factions were also divided in that they didn't like to share or be open to everyone. They took exclusionary tactics and in some cases created fueds within the community.

Thus... DieHardWolfers was born.... It was a place that MCS and I talked about many times where people would be welcome to come and exchange information. As a matter of fact, that principle still holds true today. The only exception or exclusion we have is because of age. This is for legal reasons and legal reasons only (See the thread about COPPA).

MCS and I worked hard to get DieHard Wolfers going on Yahoo, and it grew very quickly... Again, some people thought it was some type of power grab on our part, but that was just smoke and mirror tricks that others were using to try and bring this place down. Almost 2 years ago MCS asked us if I would like to have the forums hosted by his and Areyep's site. I said sure and it allowed us to expand the capabilties of our club (which now became a true forum).

Since then MCS has paid for this (graceously I might add) from his own pocket. His only condition to hosting the forums here was that I would be the Forums Admin. Over the last 2 years we have continued the mission to be a common place for people to come and share with others, to communicate with those that share the same hobby.... Wolfenstein.

The only thing that we ask of you is that you follow the rules, and respect your fellow users....
Well, Personally, I don't see taking from this forum and posting on other forums the information that has taken many years to gather being in any way respectful to this forum or the authors that have posted their work here! It's as plain and simple as that. I'm sorry if this seems like a tough stand, but legally it would stand under copyright laws.

When you post something to a forum it belongs to both the forum and the author of the post. When a forum member posts to this forum, they are giving this forum the right to publish their work. In the cases of the other tutorials posted here, we have asked the authors permission to post their material here and have received it when a tutorial is posted. But this authorization DOES NOT mean that it can be posted by anyone or everyone elsewhere on the net without permission.

It seems that in the last little while, people have gone back to the old ways..... Not getting permission to use things, not getting permission to repost things, and not crediting the authors for their work in the first place. This type of action is exactly what almost got one person in trouble (see the Bunker and the "TAKE NOTE" article by Clicking Here).

The best example that I can give is... You don't see this forum taking tutorials from other sites (and I'll use the Dome as an example) and posting the tutorials listed there, here without the authors permission or it being posted by the author themselves. When someone asks for something that is listed on the Dome... You the users send the person to the Dome to find the tutorial that has been submitted to that site. Even with MCS's tutorials you don't see us republishing them inside the forums. We provide links back to the site where the information is held.

Anyhow, the main reason that this gets me upset is because it shows a lack of respect to these forums and the members who post here. I consider it very inconsiderate and disrespectful! I hope this will cease. I will not point fingers at anyone in specific, but I can say that it has happened both in the past and within the last few weeks/months. I hope after reading this, it will not happen in the future.

This community is always growing and gaining in knowledge. I hope it will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks for your time in reading this,

Forums Admin

#2: Re: Just a Reminder - Everyone Please Read as a Rules Additi Author: Zombie_PlanLocation: A hole in the wall PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 5:58 pm
So, upon readin this, is that why Conner94 waz banned?

#3: Re: Just a Reminder - Everyone Please Read as a Rules Additi Author: BrotherTankLocation: Ontario PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2005 6:16 pm
Deathshead wrote:
So, upon readin this, is that why Conner94 waz banned?

He was officially removed from the forums for not being of legal age to use the forums. Please read the "Coppa" thread and you will understand what it is all about and why we enforce it. Also to add to the situation, when he was asked about his age he said he was below 13 years of age... Then.. when he found out that I would be removing his access because of the Coppa violation, he then tried to say that it was his brother who had answered my questions and that he was in fact older than that. So was it a lie?? I don't know... Which one of his answers was the truth and which was a lie... I have to take it that the first answer in which he said he was in fact below the age of 13 as beig true because he had no idea why I was asking, and the answers only changed when he then found out what the consequences were. So... with that, he was removed access from posting in the forums. He can read all he wants... he just can't register or post.

Lastly, I will say this to all... I detest people who lie. All I ask for is honesty. When I ask a question, I expect that you will be telling the truth. When you lie and I catch you in it, I loose all respect for that person. To be honest, if he hadn't lied... I may have let it slide.. but upon his actions, I am not about to stick my neck, or those of the other admins, for someone who can't be honest.... Will he be allowed back... Eventually... But before that happens, it might help if he started with an apology....

Forums Admin

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