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#1: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: andy3012Location: England PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 11:04 am
The Pathway to Heaven

Well this is the story for my mod, which needs to be sorted out and corrected and updated etc. So far the title is not yet decided and i think its quite corny and i havn't thought of a name for the main character so his name will be replaced with

It is said that in order to go to heaven one must follow the 10 commandments. Those that don’t will go to hell, those that do will go to heaven and those that follow some, will be stuck in a raft between Heaven and Hell, as a mere Spectre. The spirit World on Earth is constantly at war between the forces of Good and Evil, those in the middle usually stay In hiding but then theirs a few who choose side and fight their opposition.
It is now Friday 13th of March 1998, (name) had no idea that this night would be his last in the mortal realm, and that he would be stuck in spiritual earth, in the middle of a constant battle between Good and Evil. (name) was out on the streets of London celebrating with his friends, for he had just asked for his girlfriend Linda’s hand in marriage, the day before. They had been a couple for a few years, and it was about time they arranged to marry. On the night of Friday 13th when (name) was out celebrating an incident occurred which ends up fatal to one, leading (name) to take on his journey in after life.
Inside the Spiritual World it is like a Time Warp, everything is mixed up from different Time zones, except with a difference; most of the spiritual world is in ruins and swarming with hell fiends. One that enters must choose either to fight for heaven or for hell, but some even hide, running from the bad and seeking refuge with the good. Those that fight for the light earn themselves a place to heaven, but not everyone makes it and their soul is consumed into the fiery pits of hell being forever tortured. Now that Andrew has entered the Spiritual world, he has made his choice to fight for the light, and to send the daemons back from where forth they came from. With the aid of other people he stands a fighting chance of getting to heaven.

Engine Spec/Coding

What I want to get done

Darkones Raycasting Engine (BT and Darkone)
See through walls
Light Shading
Doom Style God Mode
Animated Walls
(And more I think)
High Resolution – Ripper
More Weapons
Merge Enemy Sate types - WSJ I think (lots of enemies)
Invisibility – Wolf 3d Breaker
God Mode Item (Hopefully)
Different Ammo for each weapon – Wolf 3d breaker I think
Scatter Shotgun – Deathshed
RPG System (Hopefully I can do this)
In game Dialog (i.e. Hello) (Hopefully this feature will be out soon or I can code it)
In game Messages (i.e. you picked up a crossbow) – WSJ I think
Read this enabled
Intermission Screens – BT
Cloudy Sky (Hopefully I can get this done for the new engine)
Textured Floors and Ceilings and More!

Shotgun – Will hopefully Scatter (I think Deathshed wrote a tutorial on this) – Shells
Crossbow – Will fire bolts at single enemies doing good Damage - Bolts
Machinegun – An Average Machine Gun – 9mm bullets
Fire Chucker – Shoots Flame – Fuel Canisters
Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher (not yet decided)
Angels Gift – (Weapon idea not decided) strong weapon

(More weapon ideas to come)

Bad Guys

Hell Fanatics – People like you but fighting for Hell (lots of different kinds)
Skeleton – There will be 3 kinds, a melee Skeleton, a crossbow one and a magic one
Hell Fiend – a two headed dog, which shoots fire
Shadow – A Shadow
Walking Dead – A zombie (will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes)
Fallen Angel – An Angel fallen from the sky and become corrupt

(More later)


Mirror Self – Your bad half
Fallen Archangel Sammael – Sammael has become corrupt and must be killed
Death Lord – (more info Later)
Prince of Darkness – More info later

C&C on my idea but please do not rob my idea, because i thought long and hard about this one!

#2: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: CommodoreLocation: :noitacoL PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 2:58 pm
Sounds all right, the title is a bit, as I think you said: corney. Never been big into religion, so I'm a little confused. Not sure how this will work, it seems like you're hinting at a karma system, like Jedi Knight, with good choices pushing you towards the light while bad ones push you to the dark. May be hard to program this sort of thing, I think maybe the best way to do it would be having "force fields" only those of a certain allignment can pass through then make the levels branch. Not sure if that makes sense. All in all the plot seems sort of, cliched, and I don't much like the idea of pumping a demon full of lead in a "astral" plane of sorts (to show my AD&D weaknesses :P) Energy weapons would seem more appropriate, like the spear, a Gabrial's sword, or some such other stuff.

There's just nothing for the player to feel compelled about. There's nothing personal, its less a fight for survival and more of a getting bitch slapped into line by god to serve him in his holy war. In doom there was a motivation behind the marine, his troop was killed, he was trying to escape, in doom 2 his pet bunny was killed. In Wolf there's escape, there's Nazi's with secret plans you are just dying to steal. I just genrally like a more personal, involving, and emotionally persuasive plot to motivate me to shoot things.

Anyways. Just my opinion, take from it what you will. I think I rambled a bunch... like i'm doing now...

#3: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: andy3012Location: England PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 2:33 am
Well i need to change my story a bit, im not at all into religion, i just want to make a freeky game. At the beginning of the game your guy choses to fight for the good. Maybe ill release another version at a later date when you are bad.

#4: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: CommodoreLocation: :noitacoL PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 12:19 pm
Well, my point mainly is the the main character needs to have some good motivation that will carry over to the player. Certainly the ability to be a freaky game is sitting in there. :)

#5: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: andy3012Location: England PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 12:41 pm
Yes, well i think the game will be called something like Beyond Death or something like that, I have now changed it to the origional engine due to limitations which tutorials on the other. I have made the bad guys much stronger, it takes about 5 shots with the pistol to kill a normal guard. Their are blood splatters 7 frame ones. And many other features which i have been working on. Im thinking about adding actors that run away when they get shot a few times, but the tutorial needs to be expanded more. I think you asked for this commodore Wink.

Anywhom, im planning on making this game really hard, with maze like levels, I think that to start with in the game you work for nobody (The First Episode or something) which is where you first appear in this realm, and you must find help from other people, but the deamon people keep shooting you so yep. I also want to add good guys that walk round aimlessly. Which i think would be quite cool, and if you attack them then they attack you back but kill you...

#6: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: CommodoreLocation: :noitacoL PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 2:40 pm
Yeah, I did ask for that tutourial :D

It was for "my TC" that has yet to be started. The story thread is actually in this forum.

#7: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: andy3012Location: England PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 7:26 am
ill have a gander, i was working on the tutorial last night, i almost got it to work but it looked clumsy, they would walk into a wall, turn around then walk into another wall and so on. It looks like i was playing Pinball or something, so i've scrapped that idea.

#8: Re: My mod idea - The Pathway to heaven Author: HaasboyLocation: South Africa, Johannesburg PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:17 pm
I know I'm reawakening an old topic, but after accidentally stumbling upon this, I'm intrigued as to what happened to this mod, or if it is still under construction???????????????

DieHard Wolfers -> Tale Tellers

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