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#1: Position Opening: Wolfenstein/Diehard Wolfers FAQ Author: BrotherTankLocation: Ontario PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:07 am
Well... Here we are, so many years later.
The original Wolfenstein Faq has become somewhat out of date.

What I would like to see is someone who isn't tied up doing all kinds of Mods/Maps/Etc, that can take the time to put together and compile / Maintain - the Diehard Wolfenstein FAQ!

Most of the information is contained in the forums here... So tracking down dates and such won't be too hard. But it's putting things in chronical order... Keeping a list of the advancements in the code - Those that produced these advancements - for people to credit when you use a tutorial or their work.... etc....

It's about the only thing in the forums that we really don't have. Once the person has been chosen for this position, they will have access to the forums FAQ software to allow them to create, edit, update, and put things into a somewhat neater organized way for people to view / find / use the information contained in these forums.

Once the position is filled, they will be requiring everyones assistance in bringing things up to date. This would include information not only from the forums here, but games that have had features added by people not part of the forums... It'll be the history of Wolfenstein - Including who did what - Advanaces made - Contributers to the game - source/ideas/etc... and more...

It's obvious that with the new SDL code via Ripper and company that Wolfenstein will live on yet again into the next set of Operating systems, but also cross platform compatibility to play the game on so many new platforms...

Anyhow.... If you are interested, please answer this message and we will pick the person that we feel the most qualified to handle the job... If you aren't chosen, please don't feel left out... That person might just need an assistant or more....

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