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#1: The DieHard Wolfers Trademark Author: BrotherTankLocation: Ontario PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:13 pm
It has come to my attention and that of others that people are starting to brand other items using the name "DieHard Wolfers". This is being done without permission. That trademark name is my creation and MCS set up the original forums for me in that name here on his Website and Hosting plan.

Now, I was asked about continuing the "Map of the Month Contest" & I agreed that it could be continued using that name (also of my creation) and many of you have. Again, I was asked if I could start it back up again, and I suggested to the person who asked that they continue it here at the forums. But should it once again go slow and defunct in the future I would appreciate that anyone wishing to continue it contact me, and ask for permission to take it over. It's only playing fair and being nice... besides showing respect.

As to other things using the name, I would appreciate that you contact me, and at a minimum the moderators who can then contact me, and we can discuss the use of intellectual property and the name "DieHard Wolfers".

There are probably other things out there, but so far I've only found a Wikkia site using the name. They have been put on notice that I was not consulted and have not approved the use of the name.

And while you might say what's the problem.. I'm protective of this place and the community that we have created together. As such, I only want what is best for us and seeing as it has no associaton with us, and none of us are in control of these places, anything can be done of these sites that could make us look bad. I'm not saying that it is that way now, but again, I am just being protective of this place and what I started for the community.



DieHard Wolfers -> News & Forum Rules

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