ChaosEdit w/ 64+ Walls, Techniques or Hex Edit?
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#1: ChaosEdit w/ 64+ Walls, Techniques or Hex Edit? Author: Falcon*93 PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:10 pm
So yesterday I applied Chokan's tut Removing the Hard Coded Limits to Max Walls & Doors and I LOVE Chaos Edits 3D Edit Mode for level design....
Butt...... as most of you know CE's 3D Edit Mode is limited to 64 walls and so anything after that is a plain black wall.

Does anyone have any techniques for either working with it or around it?
I thought of swapping wall textures while working on level sets with similar themes(ie design Dungeons levels with dungeon type textures in the displayable range) then swapping them back, this would be tiresome and tedious.
Or perhaps keeping the most used textures within the CE displayable range and placing the less used walls in the added range. If feasible this might be the most practical method. I think it sounds reasonable to have 64 common walls... but then again I do get carried away.

However what I would really like to use is a modified version of Chaos Edit that is also free of the old wall num limitations.
Any chance you might release that marvelous source code for Chaos Edit eh Ripper?
Or has anyone ever tried to Hex-Edit ~ Chaos Edit?

#2: Re: ChaosEdit w/ 64+ Walls, Techniques or Hex Edit? Author: TricobLocation: Neo-traditions, Inc. PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:31 am
Unfortunately, updates of ChaosEdit were cut short when Ripper's site had its plug pulled. He didn't have a chance to upload the source code before it happened, either. Sad

I've been using only the first 90 walls when designing the maps, and then I slap over the 90+ wall images when the map is nearly complete. In my case, there was something that complicated things, and it really slowed things down - I had inserted several "blur" VSWAP walls in the file, and the source was hard-coded to use these as the floor and ceiling for any walls that appeared in the game. This was supposed to rid the game of those "cracks" between the tops and bottoms of the walls and where the floor and ceiling textures connected. It did work, but I still got the "cracks" where the walls and the door images connected. I never corrected this before my harddisk failure.

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