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Tutorials & Resources Guide For Newbies
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 4:14 pm
   Subject: Tutorials & Resources Guide For Newbies
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If you need help with your add-on / mod / TC for Wolf3D, or would like a refresher, be sure to check the following resources out first before asking for help on the forums! With so many requests for help, I decided to post some of the most popular solutions here in this article.

Last updated: 10/10/06 - Updated URL for Majik Monkee's Image World

First off, I strongly recommend you first check out the following two sites if you haven't already:

For more great Wolf sites, be sure to check out the Wolf3D Links listing here at DHW.

Below is a quick list of helpful resources for pretty much all matters of editing Wolf3D and SOD that tend to give newcomers trouble.

REMEMBER: If you use any of the following resources, it is good practice to give credit where credit is due. Many of the following resources are provided free, but in some cases you may have to contact the author(s) for permission or clarification if you're not sure. Be sure to read any rules or guidelines on these sites.


First, if you need a graphics program to make some of your own new graphics, I suggest checking out either PaintShop Pro (a trial version is available at www.jasc.com) or The GIMP, a free imaging program released under the GNU General Public License that works on many operating systems (including Windows and Linux).

If you'd like to show off your graphical creations for other Wolfers to behold in amazement (such as screenshots from your mod, or your own enemies, sprites, textures, and so on), we highly recommend the DieHard Wolfers Image Gallery. Please post in the appropriate sections (ie., don't post screenshots from your game in the "Sprites" area, vice versa), and make sure your content follows the rules of the forums (ie., no profanity, nothing sexually explicit or racist in content)! This helps make BrotherTank's life a lot more pleasant... Smile

    Arrow The DHW Image Gallery
    Where artists of DHW post their latest creations, most of which are provided to use freely. You may also post your own images, such as screenshots, characters, bosses, etc to show off to other Wolfers here.

    Arrow AReyeP.com - The Texture Library
    Offers easy to follow and thorough tutorials for creating amazing graphics, straight from the author of "Spear Resurrection" and "End Of Destiny". Also includes many freely available textures for you to use in your own project that are of very high quality.

    Arrow Majik Monkee's Image World
    A great site featuring enemies, etc for free use in your TC, made by Majik Monkee ("Halls Of Stonehenge", "Operation Letzerschutz") and other artists from all places in the Wolfenstein community. Many varities and guard types to match any type of add-on.


For instructions on setting up Borland C++ 3.1 and compiling the Wolf3D source code, please visit The Dome's Source Code page.

    Arrow Right Code Crackers Forum @ DHW
    Where users can ask questions and get help relating to the Wolf3D source code.

    Arrow Right Code Tutorials Forum @ DHW
    Many amazing and exciting tutorials available here at DHW. There's sure to be something here that you'll want to include in your latest mod! A complete index of complete tutorials can be found here.

    Arrow Right MCS' Coding Tips - "Success!"
    MCS-Amsterdam ("Wolfenstein Collection", "Spear Resurrection", "End Of Destiny") offers some excellent tutorials for many of the common features present today in most mods, plus many more unique code changes that have dazzled fans in his various games. Also includes technical information on freeing up more memory for your project, prepping your EXE for final release and the dreaded "Abnormal Program Termination" error and what to do about it.


Every author has a preference when it comes to the best level-editing program. The most popular are MapEdit 8.4 (see The Wolf3D Dome - Utilities), The Wolf3D Data Compiler (WDC), FloEdit and ChaosEdit. Which one you should use is up for you to decide, as each one has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and their own devout fanatical followers. I personally prefer MapEdit, as it is small, fast and easy to use. However, WDC has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is updated frequently with bug fixes and new additions. Both have also been praised as being very easy to pick up for new mappers.

    Arrow Right BJ Rowan's Guide To Making Good Maps
    From the author of the excellent "Conflict In The Fatherland" and "Project Totengraeber" comes an essential guide for mappers of any skill level to pour over. Considered a must-read by many Wolfers for those who wish to improve their map-making skills.

    Arrow Right Warren Buss' MapEdit Tips
    Though this document mostly relates to the MapEdit program in the technical area, there are many valuable general tips on making your levels play as good as possible, plus some information about the more technical side of Wolf3D mapping.

I hope the above links helped put you on the right path to making a great new add-on. We look forward to seeing your work, so don't be a stranger here! Please tell us all about your games and help keep the Wolf3D spirit alive with new and exciting add-ons!

Get to work!

Best of luck,
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