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"Archives - Volume I"
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Mapping Master
Mapping Master

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 6:08 am
   Subject: "Archives - Volume I"
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DieHard Wolfer
DieHard Wolfer

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:12 pm
   Subject: Re: "Archives - Volume I"
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This sounds more like a Private Message, and you are posting in the wrong forum section (currently in Spear of Destiny).
Really now, how long have you been on the forums, and you still do this Thomas? Sad Sad Confused

Aside from that, thanks for letting me know about the set. I haven't downloaded it yet, but just reading about it on the sub-page on the Dome was quite fun. It amazes me how many interesting details ack likes to talk about in his description. Seems like he knows exactly what he wanted to accomplish with this set. I couldn't imagine myself thinking about writing all those details for the readers, atleast in that general/clear kind of style... in a way I find it inspiring.

The cerebral aspect really seems interesting to me, I'm quite curious to uncover what he means with this inside the levels. Weird how you're already talking about Volume II though Thomas. As ack stated himself, much of the details will only be evident if you keep playing it, so why rush things? I am still finding interesting new things with the original wolf3d and spear levels, and with a lot of well made addons, and I believe that there is much reward to be found in doing this. Just my opinion though.

ack wrote:
I hate sets that merely play out in front of the player. Those are the norm and I have grown very weary of that form of one-dimensional gameplay.

Heh. In a way, I think I've always been a little iffy about levels that aren't like this, like there is some lack of stability or organization when guards are always seem to pop up behind you or out of nowhere (like some old levels I played that used one floorcode for the whole map or had doorways all over the place), but I think you helped me a lot with your levels and from getting me into Spear: Resurrection to appreciate this kind of unpredictableness or variation. Sometimes I just like to relax in a set and explore the aesthetics, and other times I like the idea of always having to be alert and careful of everything around me, sometimes with the challenge of having to strategically shoot people from all directions. All depends on my mood I guess, but I can usually appreciate both styles. Maybe if I played more levels I would swing more towards getting tired of the "one-dimensional gameplay", not sure though. It's still pretty fun in my mind, as long as there's interesting ideas and rewards along the way.

ack wrote:
In the real world, would you be stupid enough to enter through a door that may lock behind you if you didn't already have the key? Don't make that mistake here.

To me, it depends. What's on the other side of the locked door could be more interesting than what you can see currently, it could also save you from getting killed, or be a very rewarding trip. Lots of choices to think about I guess. I see what you mean here, as you're trying to discourage people from cheating and/or getting stuck (as you're saying that the key could be found by more intentional ways anyway), but I'm speaking more about addons that would take these kind of things into consideration and for some real life situations - I suppose (for some reason, I immediately thought of that part on The Labyrinth where Sarah has to talk to these two door monsters about which path to take early on in the movie to save her brother, but I thought of a lot of other things too; lol). In a sense, this is kind of similar to the "one dimensional gameplay" vs. "guards coming from all sides" concept, where it depends on what kind of adventure and rules you generally want to make for the player.

ack wrote:
Is it just me, or is this getting way too freaking long?

Nah, I liked what you had there. I wouldn't mind reading a book or two of yours.
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