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Castle Todkrieg: Story
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 4:43 pm
   Subject: Castle Todkrieg: Story
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Hello All! I would like to share the story of my upcoming add-on Castle Todkrieg.

Story: 1943, World War 2 is at its highest point, German armies are marching across Europe, North Africa has became a war zone because of Axis armies. Though many Nazi plots have been destroyed by an American soldier named B.J. Blazkowitz. The Nazis needed to think of something, and think of it fast, because the tide was slowly turning in favor of the Allies. One sunny day, in the heart of Germany, the Nazis discovered a tall stone castle inscribed “Castle Todkrieg” Through investigations by SS archaeological divisions they had discovered that there was an unnatural power in that castle, and now the Nazis were determined to unlock it. A meeting was held within the 18th floor. 4 Nazi officers entered. The first was Edrin Grosse. The second was General Viktor Goerer. The third was Hermann Fredrik. The fourth was Colonel Eisenhande. “My loyal generals, you have proven yourself worthy of this operation…” Eisenhande spoke. “I have spoken with the Fuhrer and we have decided to begin Operation: Todkrieg!” The men in the room began to clap. “As you well know, the halls of this castle are filled with an amazing power, one such power could make our armies invincible, and even the so called “One man army” shall fail. We have figured out how to unlock it in the past, during Operation Pumafaust, but that blasted B.J. Blazkowitz ruined it…” A brief pause followed. “But this time, we shall hold our operations within Castle Todkrieg itself. Nothing shall stop us now, and we may continue our work without interference from that blasted B.J. Once we control the power of the Oceanquake, we shall be invincible!” The generals began to clap again.

Meanwhile, B.J. was called to Allied Supreme Command once again.
B.J. sat down along with General Johnson. “B.J., I’m glad you arrived when you did. I’m afraid I have some disturbing news.” Gen. Johnson said. “Disturbing? What do you mean disturbing?” B.J. asked. “I’m afraid that the Nazis have been planning something big ever since you arrived at Normandy to stop Operation Pumafaust.” The General spoke with fear. “You call that disturbing? I had to fight tooth and nail to stop a chemical disaster, now that’s disturbing!” B.J. joked. The General gave B.J. a cold look and continued: “It seems that the Nazis are trying to unlock the power of a Castle in Germany.” The general said again. “This is no ordinary castle, as the top Nazi officials believe it is imbued with untold power! This castle is Castle Todkrieg, deep in the forests of Germany, the heart of the Reich. Whatever they are trying to do with this project, dubbed Operation Todkrieg, it can’t be good.” The general explained. “The good news is, though, this castle gives us a great advantage. There is an abandoned tunnel network that connects to the castle. So you can get in without too much notice. B.J., you must get in there somehow and stop this Operation Todkrieg once and for all! There is a plane outside; it will take you to Germany where the old castle resides. Good Luck B.J.!” And so you jumped from the plane to enter the forest. After a long walk and avoiding enemy patrols, B.J. finds an old tunnel near the castle. You have finally made it. From here, you must assassinate the officers behind this project. It may be risky, but only you can do it B.J.!
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