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Debugging Codes

Often referred to as Cheat codes by those who will probably never use them for any other purpose, these codes can help you when debugging any floor in any episode.

To enter Debug Mode use one of the following commands and parameters depending on the game and version number:

Game Version Command Line Parameter Activation Keys
Wolf3d 1.0 - next Control, Tab, and Enter
1.1 & Later - goobers Left Shift, Alt, and Backspace
Spear of Destiny All - debugmode Left Shift, Alt, and Backspace

ie: To start Wolfenstein version 1.2 in debugmode,
we type (from the C:/Yourdirectory> prompt): wolf3d -goobers

Now begin or restore a game. To activate the debugging mode press the keys listed above simultaneously (at the same time).  You should see a message displayed stating the debugging keys are now available.

Once debugging mode has been activated, you can use the following debug commands by holding down the Tab key while pressing one of these keys:

Key Effect of Key when Pressed with Tabkey
B changes border color
C displays statistics
E Ends the games
F displays current coordinates (X,Y) of B.J.
G God mode (invincibility)
H hurt yourself (-16% health deduction)
I free items (health, ammo, increased score, and next weapon)
M displays memory usage
N toggles "clipping on/off (SoD only)
P pauses the game
Q quit directly to DOS
S toggles slow motion on/off
T displays graphics & sounds of game. Esc to exit
V ?? VLB's - Probably adjust the frame rate for certain video cards
W warps to any level.

Also, the following key combinations work without initializing the debugging feature:

B-A-T - Occasionally in the game, the sound may disappear, so use this to restore the sound.

I-L-M - full health/ammo, plus 2 keys (resets your score to zero as this one is truely a cheat!)

TAB-G-F10 - god mode (Spear only - another specific cheat for Spear of Destiny)


Command Line Parameters

NOWAIT - Automatically skips several screens at game start
BABY - starts game at skill level 1 (Can I play daddy)
EASY - starts game at skill level 2 (Don't hurt me)
NORMAL - starts game at skill level 3 (Bring 'Em on)
HARD - starts game at skill level 4 (I am Death Incarnate)
TEDLEVEL nn - start game at any episode and level. 'nn' is
episode & level numbers minus 1

For example, to go to the 2nd episode, level 5 of Wolf3D,

enter: wolf3d -tedlevel 14

and to go to the 1st episode, level 9 of Wolf3D,

enter: wolf3d -tedlevel 8

To go to level 13 of SoD, enter: -tedlevel 12

You can also lump commands or use multiple when starting the game such as:

wolf3d -goobers -HARD -NOWAIT -tedlevel 14
Note: there is only one episode in SoD so double-digit numbers are used only for the level number. If you enter "-tedlevel 20" to get to the 21st level (Angel of Death), the floor number shown in the game will be number 18 as the level is really an extension of level 18.

By default, unless you specify a skill level (see above), you will start the game at skill level 2.

Music JukeBox

While the main memory screen is showing, press and hold the "M" key.  This will bring up a small jukebox to play a few of the games songs.

Easter Egg?

The Easter egg is only available in the Spear of Destiny game.  Go to the "Change View" menu, size the view window down and press enter.  Quickly hold the I & D keys until you hear strange music.


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