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The DieHard Wolfenstein Bunker would like to thank the following for their gifts and support:

MCS & Areyep Without the charity of these two, as well as the friendship, this place wouldn't be a reality. 

Martin and Steve have been great support for me when things haven't been so good.   Both have given more to me than I've probably told them or said here.  What more can one say other than Thanks.   (If you believe in Karma - These two will be greatly rewarded 3 fold for their kindness, generosity, and friendship).  

Visit their site by clicking here:

Schabbs Thanks for allowing us to link to your site for downloads.   Special credit is due for this one.  Check out Brian's site at:

iD Software What can we say here...  A big Wow and Thanks!...  Without these people Wolfenstein wouldn't be a reality.  Who knows where the gaming world would be now if it wasn't for the likes of Wolf3d and Spear.

"Wolfenstein 3D", "Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny", the "Wolfenstein 3D" logo, and all images or content taken from them are Copyright iD software, creators of the series of games.
To check out or order other great games by iD, visit To purchase the original Wolfenstein 3D (definitely well worth it!), visit Visit to purchase the classic Wolf3D sequel "Spear of Destiny".

Apogee / 3dRealms A constant source of interesting information.  Visit their site and see their games, and the information they have on Wolf.  

Adam Biser Thanks to digging, some scanning, and then some text editing, his efforts allowed us to fix, update, and bring you more information about the SoD Missions.  His gift was a real asset!

Code Masters This list of people have contributed to the growth of the source since the release of the original code by iD.  Each person has been given credit on their individual tutorial, but we thought it only fitting that they have their names placed here as well.  They are:

MCS, Ripper, Darkone, Dugtrio17, WSJ, BrotherTank, (more names to follow).

CC (my cat) My little buddy (Carbon Copy), who thought he was helping when I made this site.  He would come and want to help, curl up on my lap or the computer desk, he'd even type sometimes. He would also come to take me away from this, to make sure I got some sleep at a reasonable hour (he wouldn't sleep without cuddles).  
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