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What's New & Newsworthy
- Mar 04, 2004 Updated Pages and Information

Thanks again, to Adam Biser for helping out with some very valuable information.  We have been able to update the 'SoD: Missions' page.  We now know the stories behind the mission packs.  I hope you find it interesting reading!

Also updated is the 'Player Survival Guide'  and a few other changes to  pages to show you where I'm at and where this is all going.  Watch for more updates to the 'Wolfenstein Lore' page (later today), and hopfully the 'Code Tutorial' page (soon), as that is where we are concetrating our effort, at the present time.

- Mar 03, 2004 Updated Pages and Information

Thanks to Adam Biser for helping out with some very valuable information. We have been able to update the 'Enemies', 'Items', 'Wolfenstein Lore', and 'SoD: Missions' pages because of his effort.  As more information becomes available we'll update the Missions once again. Things are definitely more accurate now.

Also added is the 'Wolfenstein Faq' page.  The information there is old.  Very old.  And we will try to bring it up to speed as soon as possible.  

- Mar 02, 2004 New Additions

Added 'Take Note' section and updated a few other pages with spelling mistakes.  Updated some of the information as well.  Work is continuing slowly, but we are getting there.  Uploaded the Items page as well. 

- Mar 01, 2004 Welcome to the new DieHard Wolfenstein Bunker.

As you can see the site is a work in progress.  Work is comming along slowly but surely.  I had hoped to have everything up and running complete by the 1st of March.  Unfortunately, I have had to deal with a very sick cat for the last 2 weeks.  CC had a stroke, and while he's a tough little guy, he has needed a lot of attention to keep him from giving up the fight.  As a result, all the information hasn't been added to the site by the March 1st deadline.

I couldn't hold back releasing the site though, so please explore it.
Hopefully, with your support the DieHard Wolfers will remain the place to be on the web.  And maybe sometime soon, I'll have another gift for the community...  How many people out there are true collectors?  

In the meantime, I am still working on the site, and will have the rest of the information hopefuly online soon (depending on how much my little guy recovers).  There is just so much information to add and so little time to do it in.  But I will do my best to have the remainder of it online as soon as possible (Don't fret - This will happen and become a reality - and not end up some discarded/unfinished, site on the web).  

So we hope that you enjoy the new pages, all the information, and all that we can share to make your stay here at the Bunker/Forums a complete experience.

Greg - BrotherTank 
Martin - MCS
Steve - Areyep

- Mar 01, 2004 Things listed in the News

In this News area, you will only find things like changes to the site, additions to information, additional pages added to the site, new games added in the download areas, and the latest inovations in source code changes.

Sorry, but we will not be posting announcements of software, demos, or pictures of peoples work.  There is just too much Vapourware as we call it and catering to it all is just going to waste space. We prefer to save that space for more important information about Wolfenstein, and it's related games. 

Vapourware Definition: Announce one day, hype it for a few, develope some part of it, create screenshots for more hype, discard it (as the author looses interest).

Demos:  These may appear in the download sections only, But, they will only appear once they have become vapourware (And they will be marked as such).

- Mar 01, 2004Happy Birthday DieHard Wolfer Forums

Today the DieHard Forums are 1 year old today on site.  While the forums are actually a lot older, (the original Yahoo site was started - March of 2001), today is the Birthday of the partnership with Areyep & MCS.  Actually, the forums are 3 years old now.

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