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Links to Wolfenstein on the Web
MCS & Areyep's Site - Great place to visit to see more of what MCS and Areyep are up to these days.  Download their software, including 'Cig Wolf', 'WolfCol', and there joint project 'Spear Resurrection' (SoD2).   Also watch for upcomming software like 'EoD' which is the sequal to SoD2.  Great information including coding tutorials, and graphics editing.  
DieHard Wolfer Forums The ultimate place to discuss all things Wolfenstein.  Get help with just about anything here.  Our members are usually polite and friendly.  Hosted by

Schabb's Site (Brian Lowe) The keeper of all things Wolfenstein. If you need to know history of Wolfenstein, Brian seems to be on top of it all.  Maybe we should call him the Librarian or Crypt Keeper (just kidding).  This is not only where we link our downloads, but where we go to read the latest news.  
The Dome Tristan and Brian work together on this site.  Very well done - a work in progress - Brian updates the News regularly!

Clubey's Wolfenstein Mania Chronical Wow, You want MAC Wolfenstein information and more, then this is the site for you!  Not only is Clubey a collector or keeper of most MAC related items, this guy buys computer equipment so that he has the right stuff to run all the programs he's collected over the years!

iD Software The site of the company that started all this.  They still show information on Wolfenstein 3d & Spear of Destiny (although very limited).  You can purchase the Activision release of Wolfenstein from their site (it includes Wolf3d, Spear of Destiny, and SoD Mission packs 1 & 2).

3D Realms Apogee's parent company, or should I say the company that Apogee became.  Great site with lots of information including ROTT and the recently release RoTT Source code.

If your page isn't listed here and you wish it to be, please e-mail 'BrotherTank' when it is complete. 
We'll try to keep this area as up to date as possible, with the best links out there!

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