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Extra Design Stuff

Here are a few things that you might find useful when editing and creating your own modifications to the game.

PLEASE NOTEWhen using things supplied by others, please give them credit for the work.  There is nothing more disturbing than seeing people take credit for the work of others!

Source Codes

Beyond Wolfenstein IIse - Source mods by Nayt Smith. 
The Final Solution V3.0 - Tristan VanPutten's Source.
The Tower - Source by Paal Olstad
Mega Demo - Flo's demo source using shading and other floedit changes - Working Game Demo Click Here
Himmler's SS - Luke Strauman
Wolfenstein Special Addition - Luke Strauman


This utility checks your source to see how much free room is left in the DGROUP for adding additional things to your source.  To download CFDB Click Here.

Additional Graphics

Designer Walls 1 - For Wolfenstein or Spear in Gif Format

Designer Walls 2 - For Wolfenstein or Spear in Gif Format

Graphics - A collection of no less than 83 separate graphics, mainly new wall designs, made by Ken O' Brien, who did Erlangen and some other Spear sets. Text file included. For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

Graphics Set 3 - Another set of 50 separate graphics, with some new brick wall designs, by Ken O'Brien. For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

Sw3dgfx - This zip contains more than 30 actor pics converted from 'Doom'. Instructions are included.

WallPack WallPack2 WallPack3 - Three sets of wall designs put together by Giorgio. There are roughly 200 images in the first pack, 40 in the second and 200 in the third. Bitmaps format (suitable for Floedit).

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