Noah's Ark 3d

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Noah's Ark 3d

Story :

It's been a long journey. In just a few days, the ark doors will open and Noah, his family & the animals will be back on dry land. But the animals have become a bit restless and are out of their cages. Camels, giraffes, monkeys, kangaroos and more are wandering throughout the corridors of the ark. As Noah, it's your job to regain order & get the animals to sleep until you leave the ark. Your only tool to accomplish this is the food you brought aboard the ark. Can it be done? You bet! But how. . ? 

Released: 1993 
Published By: Wisdom Tree 
Developed By: Wisdom Tree 
3D Engine By: id Software SNES Code

This game is only sold by Wisdom Tree.  To visit their site Click Here.

"The rumor is that id gave Wisdom Tree (the creators of Super Noah's Ark) the Wolf3D source code in retaliation for Nintendo's aforementioned poor treatment, but in reality "They paid us decent money for it." - Classic Gaming

"I mentioned earlier that this is a Wolfenstein 3D conversion, and word on the street has it id Software gave the engine away to get back at Nintendo for the treatment their own game was given. Truth is, Wisdom Tree bought the engine for a shitload of money".- Encyclopedia Obscura

Systems available on:

PC & Super Nintendo

System Requirements:

IBM  PC/AT or Compatibles 
640K RAM 
3 MEG space on hard drive 
EMS/XMS recommended 
Mouse & Joystick Compatible 
Soundblaster , Adlib , or 100% compatible sound card

Recommended ages: 8 and up

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